Worried - pain & pink bleeding at 19 weeks!!???

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lollyfp Posts: 2441
Hi all, I am almost 19 weeks pregnant now and have been fine so far - no major symptoms, pain, bleeding, etc. But last night I started getting sharp pains in my stomach at night and I even woke with the pain at one stage. It was not the same sort of pain as when I had short, sharp ligament stretching pain earlier in pregnancy - this was different and more continuous. When I went to the bathroom in the middle of last night I checked my cervix (not sure why) and tmi, there was a bit of blood there. Then this morning when I went to the bathroom the pain was gone but there was light pink streaking of blood on the toilet paper. I am freaking out a bit here - anyone else experience this at this stage or know anything about it? Should I leave work, call the Coombe and go in?? Please help anyone who can? Thanks, Lolly :o(
moonandstars Posts: 280
Hi Lolly, Couldn't see your message and not reply. I don't have any experience of this but I think you should ring the combe or even the VHI midwife if you are a member to seek some advise and see if they say go in. Let me know how you get on. Take care :xox
june2007bride Posts: 442
hi ya, On my 1st pregnancy I had a small bit of blood when I wiped after the loo went to the early pregnancy unit and everything was fine midwife was sayin it can happen if you have sex during pregnancy, but ring to put your mind at ease I know u would be worried :wv
Wild Child Posts: 1694
I would recommend ringing the A&E deptartment in the Coombe they will advise you what to do there direct number is 4085531 its probably ok but ringing them will set your mind at ease....let us know how you get on :lvs :xox :lvs
Beaubelle Posts: 741
Hi LFP, I agree with the other posters...It's more than likely nothing serious, but I would ring just to put your mind at rest... You will only worry yourself sick otherwise. At least if they ask to see you, you can get checked out and have some peace of mind. Will be thinking of you. :lvs
Beaubelle Posts: 741
triple post
Beaubelle Posts: 741
triple post
honeybunch Posts: 1218
Hi Lolly, I'd give them a buzz, just for peace of mind. They may was you to come in so they can examine you themselves. :lvs
baby2008 Posts: 1254
You must be so worried but please try not too. Ring your hospital and they'll probably ask you to come in and just check you over. My friend had something similar happen at 17 weeks and thankfully all was fine. Im sure everything will be fine for you too. Let us know how you get on.
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
Hi LFP, Just seen this now. I would call the coombe and get it checked out, just even for your own peace of mind. Let us know how you get on :lvs