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blondiee Posts: 771
Hi girls, I've posted recently about how ill I've been. Yesterday I felt great, no sickness at all. I got up this morning and again no sickness, I went for a wee and when I wiped I saw the slightest tinge of pink (sorry if TMI), I just pretended I didn't even see it as I didn't want to comprehend it to be honest. I'm at work, I feel no sickness so now i'm really worried. I'm even afraid to go to the loo. I wish I was feeling sick. Is this bad?
Toni Baloney Posts: 544
Hiya, If you are worried pop into your GP, get him to refer you to the emergency section of CUMH and they'll scan you (I saw that you are in Cork below your penguin pic!). I had several bleeds in the early days and the people in the emergency department there are great. No point sitting all day in work getting more and more worried. I'm sure everythingis fine.
joer Posts: 1617
oh you should go get checked out, just to put your mind at rest, hope all is okay with you and bean :xox
jill80 Posts: 565
I've no real advice, except to say the best thing thing to do is to try to stop worrying (and I know thats much easier said than done especially when we are pregnant). If ringing your GP or early pregnancy unit, can help put your mind at ease, that is what you should do. I know alot of the women here had some bleeding early on and things went ahead fine with the pregnancy but to put your own mind at ease maybe ring up the hospital and they can explain things better. HTH
Sugerbaby Posts: 86
Blondiee sry to hear your so worried. As i have the same lack of systoms myself, i was looking up the web and it did say around 7wks the baby will embed itself further into the lining and some will experience spotting. Maybe this is why....
vanilla icecream Posts: 2125
hi blondiee, I would say just pop to your gp if your worried, just to put your mind at ease :lvs
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi, as Sugerbaby said the baby can 'dig in' a bit more around wk 7/8 and it can cause spotting. At 6/7 weeks I had a tiny bit of pinkly salmon discharge, turned out to be nothing but like the others said there is no point in sitting pondering about it, ring your GP or EPU and hopefully they'll put your mind at ease.
LMR Posts: 1925
Go to your GP or EPU. If nothing else they'll set your mind at ease.