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toesies Posts: 436
anyone else feel like this? Really only started this week, worried about money, worried about work, worried about bloody swine flu and should I /shouldn't I get jab? Worried if I don't feel movement every hour or so, not sleeping from the worry and more irrational because of the lack of sleep, wasn't like this with last pregnancy, is there a stage in pregnancy that you worry the most or that there is a surge in worry??? On paper pregnancy is fine, finances will survive and so on but feel all I am doing now is worrying, had a great pregnancy so far :o(
blondiechick Posts: 1641
I am worried a lot too....really stressed about money, work, family, baby movements etc. I think a lot of it is natural to worry about baby...it's in our nature as mamma's to be! :xxx
babs76 Posts: 1000
If you look back on any of my posts I'm always worried about something such a lovely time but also a very stressful time
Wife09 Posts: 873
I was like that on Friday, being a grown up can be really s**t sometimes.
toesies Posts: 436
thanks ladies, just seems there is more stress this time with the recession and the swine flu, feel like all I do is worry and act like a misery guts, also no money to go out for a nice meal or to do something to relax. having a poor me day, want to go home and sit by the fire :o( :o(
early days Posts: 691
I'm worrying since I got BFP last Friday and I think I'm only going to get worse as I go on!
Gingham Posts: 3014
i have worried since the day i got my bfp and i am still worrying.... i think having a baby is really scary at times...it doesnt help that we have had the whole swine flu, the recession etc.... but there will always be something!! I am worrying at the momment about if i will be able to cope in labour and will everything be okay with the baby, how life altering is this baby going to be, will i manage afterwards, will i ever get my figure back....how will having this baby effect my relationship with my dh... will we be okay financially after this budget in december.....when i see this baby will i have the overwhelming love that new mothers talk about..... grrrr i hate being such a worry wart!!!