Worrying all ok??

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Santa Posts: 1191
Hi Girls I find every day I am a bit worried and say a little prayer that everything will be ok more so towards the end - do's anyone else find this am I just a mega worrier :lvs
mummyinlove10 Posts: 908
dont think your a mega worrier just think you are becoming a mother !!! its natural to worry all is ok i do it all the time think the longer you are pregnant the more the bond grows and just want our lo's to arrive safe , happy and healthy into the world :lvs :lvs
meggan1 Posts: 110
Hi Santa, Im exactly the same as you. All I ask is for a healthy baby in a few weeks. I thaught all the worry times were well behind me, however like you the closer it gets to D day the more worried I become. And you know what Santa, were gonna spend the rest of our lives worrying about our little ones, BRING IT ON :o)ll As I'm typing my baby is moving, letting me know s/he is ok :)
Santa Posts: 1191
thanks octmum2b :thnk good 2 know its not just me was wondering if I was determined to drive myself mad
Santa Posts: 1191
ah u got 2 love those little kicks :heartbeat: guess I shud get used to worrying *)