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23skidoo Posts: 1272
Hi guys, something I need to get off my chest but didn't want to post over the christmas in case I bummed anyone out. My dad went in about a week ago to have a lump taken off his back and went back in today for results. Turned out to be cancerous and he has to go back next week to get more surgery to see if its spread. He's so terrified of going in its scary. My dad is like a big tough guy and to see him sh*tting himself at the thoughts of it is horrible. He's quite big so there's also a risk when they put him under anesthetic (sp). I don't know what to be more worried about, something happening while he's under or getting confirmation that it has spread. Me and him have not always been [i:2iambqs3]best buds[/i:2iambqs3] and TBH its only since I've moved out of the house that we've gotten on better. But now with all this happening I'm just thinking about all the positive things that we did when I was younger and all the times my dad has been more than caring and generous to myself and my brothers and sisters. I know I probably sound really melodramatic at the moment but its hard to kind of keep my thoughts in a straight line. Just needed to get it out of my system, sorry. :thnk
mollyeile Posts: 2486
You poor thing. I'm a real Daddy's girl and would be devastated if I were you. I'll be thinking of you both and hope it all goes well
mrs.smiffy Posts: 1747
you poor thing.. I cross my fingers & toes that it didn't spread &he'll be ok soon... :-8
Grunge Bride Posts: 2529
So sorry to hear that 23skidoo.....it's hard to do anything but worry, still though remember that you don't know anything for sure yet so try to focus on that. Your dad may have spotted it and acted in plenty of time, it may be isolated and not have spread. Hopefully that'll turn out to be the case and your poor Dad will be ok. Doesn't matter how big and tough you are, we're all scared of the "c" word.....
thirdtimelucky Posts: 857
23skidoo, sorry to hear that you're all going through such a hard time. I can't imagine how I'd react. Try to think forward to when everything is ok again. This will bring you even closer to your dad :thnk
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
You poor thing. It's a scary time for you. :action32
sinion Posts: 6050
it really is terrifying when you have a parent faced with news like this, my heart goes out to you. I really hope you get better news from the surgery. My mum had breast cancer and my dad had to have a triple bypass, I know the terror is unreal. Just to add they're both fine and healthy now. I never got on with my dad either but his illness really hit home and made me (and him) let go of so much past hurt and our relationship has never been better. Just make sure you and the rest of your family keep together and rally round eachother as these are the times you need eachother most :xxx
23skidoo Posts: 1272
Thanks for the replies guys, its good to know that other people have recovered before. The main thing I'm worried about is that the thing he had removed was there for years. My mam said it was like a mole on his back that just started to bleed one day when he scratched it. He's going in for 3 days on the 1st but i'm not sure how long it will take to get back any results. Hopefully the doctors will want to find out as quick as we do. Crappy way to start the year
mammybean Posts: 10364
I am really sorry to hear this, my thoughts are with you and your family and i have said a littl prayer
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
It's definitely tough to hear that! My heart goes out to you and your family. I was a real daddys girl too. When I was 11 my dad was diagnosed with cancer. He had chemotherapy for what felt like years. But the important part is that he beat it! I only found out recently that when he was diagnosed first that the doctors told him and my mam to go home and get his affiars in order that at best he had 3 months to live. As we were so young when it happened my brother and I never knew this! Unfortunately my dad died last year in a tragic accident but was completely cancer free at the time and had been in remission for years. One of the crucial parts of dad's getting better was a positive attitude and this can be as good as any medical therapy. I know it's very hard but try to stay positive. Believe me I know that's easier said than done but try to keep things as normal as possible until you get results and then you can take it from there. And remember POSITIVE attitude!