Worst ever restaurant experience?

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cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Starting this thread because I went out for dinner last night (away working, not for fun, unfortunately) and I had the worst, WORST meal of my whole life. The service was staggeringly, shockingly bad and the food was inedible. The staff left us waiting for half an hour before even bringing the menus. The red wine was so warm it was like drinking mulled wine - but had obviously been open a long time, because it had a very strong vinegary taste. The food was served.... an hour and a half after we ordered it. There wasn't even a bit of bread to stave off the hunger pangs (and this was after working til after seven, we were all STAAAAARVING). We asked the waitress what the hold-up was, she just smiled winningly and said it would be along shortly. When it did come - my God lads it was appalling. I had ordered chicken marinated in fresh herbs, served with rice and steamed vegetables. What came out was like two packets of Uncle Ben's Express Rice, you know with cubes of industrial veg in it, which was BURNT, with a few scrawny chicken drumsticks chucked on top of it. My colleagues got plates of dry meat with a pile of very obviously cooked-from-frozen-packet fried potatoes. Aside from the awfulness of the food, I don't know how it could have taken them an hour and a half to "cook" the stuff!! We had also ordered starters, but these never appeared (probably a good thing). When we asked where they were, the waitress explained the chef had not understood the order. Of food from the menu of the restaurant he works in. It was utterly bizarre. One of my colleagues very politely explained that we would not be paying for the meal, which the waitress accepted very quickly - thank God, I was so weak with hunger I wouldn't have been able to put up a fight :o0 :o0 The town where we are staying shuts down at 9 p.m., so no other food possibilities last night. I DEVOURED my breakfast this morning, and am ripping into a mountain of chips now for lunch - missing dinner is awful :o( So ladies - let me know I am not alone, share your bad restaurant stories!!!
lux Posts: 6270
There is a well known and quite large and busy "Italian" restaurant on Camdem Street which serves the worst and most over-priced pizzas and pastas in Dublin. Terrible service, went once and hated it. A friend booked it for a party so I gave it a second try. Chicken in the salad was a thin as the parmesan shavings. Spag bol was like a jar of ready made stuff. Chips underdone. Avoid it like the plague now, don't know how its still in business!
Jawl Posts: 8881
I had one awful experience about 3 years ago in a gastro type pub. Supposedly famed for it's wonderful food. The food was lovely, but Chr ist the service was appaling. Four of us walked in, and the girl behind the bar just stared at us. We asked had she a table and were told 'whatever's there'. There was nothing there. We were just about to leave and somebody said we could have their table they were just leaving. It was covered in bits of dinner, spilt drinks etc. So h2b called a waitress to clear it. She came and put a jug of water and 4 knives and forks on the table. And never even attempted to clean it up. So he called her again and she was all eyes up to heaven and deep sighing while doing it. Like we were putting her out. I poured a glass of water, and it tasted like it had come from the rain dripping from the drain outside vile!! I think we were sitting around about 20 minutes after she cleaned the table before we eventually called them and asked them to take our order. Again, much huffing and sighing. I'm actually not sure why we stayed, only that it was a bit out of the way, and it was late on a Sunday afternoon, so not much choice. Another day went to somewhere we'd been frequenting for a long time. I ordered Haddock in Beer Batter with Chips, Mushy Peas & Side Salad. Honest to god, you could have drank the fish and the chips they were that greasy. Haven't been back since!
jen09 Posts: 1390
A few yrs ago OH & I went to place in Temple Bar - the eatery is attached to large pub chain. Our food was dreadful & so overpriced. Our waitress was rude & obv had no interest in her job. Our starters were so small they'd not fill your mouth if you were to eat it all at once. We had both ordered steak, OH's medium rare & mine medium, both came out completely overcooked, mine you could of picked up & used as a frisby it was that charred, we sent them back only to have to wait almost 40mins for them to be served again. During which time we asked for a bottle of wine 3 times. By time the meal came out for the 2nd time & was literally thrown at us, OH lost the rag. He stood up & announced to waitress we would be leaving immed & not paying a penny for food. She simply shrugged her shoulders at him & walked away. We had to pass till on way out & mgr/supervisor was standing there & when OH explained why we were leaving without paying they threatened the police on us, OH told him to go right ahead & told him what pub we'd be in if police wanted to come get him :o0 We left & got a bag of chips on way to pub.
happilymarried2010 Posts: 493
a very busy restaurant in Killarney. [b:3g2a2wi7]can i name it i wonder????[/b:3g2a2wi7] it was so busy we thought this place must be excellent, staff are too busy nearly to take ur order. i got chickne wings they were burnt black & tasteless. horrible. said it to staff & they said oh it depends on the chef on the night we both got steak it was a lump of fat on top of lumpy potato. we got a bowl of raw chips too. i actaully felt sick after it. puke STAY AWAY........
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
We went to restaurant that was after opening near us. We waited half hour for our order to be taken, got the starters (they were lovely), waited an our and fifteen minutes for the main course. Husband was having veal well done, and they brought it out and he cut it. The blood squirted out of it so not well done at all. All this was bad enough. It was the type of restaurant that had a big opening between the kitchen and the restaurant where you could see the cooking going on. All of a sudden we heard a smash and shouting. Looked in and here are two french chefs battering each other and roaring. We never went back again (funny enough) and it as since closed. My brother and his friend went into a new place recently in a town close to us. He ordered lasagne and a drink. Food came out and when he went to cut into lasagne the knife wouldn't go into it as it was frozen in the middle. And the end of his straw was chewed from when someone had used it before. Yuck.
cabbagehead Posts: 3899
Wow these stories are horrific! I feel better about last night though :o0 Hagfromhell the French chef fisticuffs sounds like something from The Simpsons, made me laugh out loud imagining it!!
randomusername Posts: 2134
Have had a few bad ones, I'm not great for eating out anyway and these just put me off even more. A new place opened down the road and this was the second time we'd been there, first was busy but great second was a disaster. We ordered food while waiting for a table to clear, got a table a few mins later and nearly an hour later still no sign of food. We called the waitress and she ran off to the kitchen, turned out or order was ignored because there wasn't a table number on it, then we were told we had to order different food as we'd ordered the specials and by then they were gone. So we ordered and were delighted when a few mins later we got what we thought were some complimentary nibbles. Dinner eventually arrived and it was a delightful mixture of over and undercooked food, we also had the chef glaring out the window from the kitchen at us every few minutes. Waitress told us desserts were on the house because of what happened so all grand and we hadn't even grumbled at this point. So had desserts and coffees and asked for the bill. My jesus I nearly dropped. We'd be charged for the nibbles at the start, charged for side dishes we ordered with the first order and never got, charged for tap water and charged for desserts. DH went to the counter not wanting to cause a scene and was told that no one said the nibbles were free, the waitress looking after us had gone home so couldn't confirm she'd agreed free desserts and they had no record of our complaints about the dinner and didn't know if we'd gotten bottle or tap water. Needless to say we were fuming dh paid for what we'd ordered and we left and haven't been back since. Another one was in new york, we'd been told to try this fab steakhouse near the empire state building so off we went. Left standing waiting for a table for 20 minutes, there were loads of empty tables. Waitress literally walloped dh with the menus, refused to even look at me never mind take an order from me, reeled off specials with lightening speed so we hadn't a clue what was said. Had starters they were delish, mains arrived and we asked for some cutlery as the first lot was taken with the starter dishes had to go ask for them again as food was getting cold and she was trying to get into the barmans pants. The realised sides we ordered hadn't appeared so called her again, she arrived back and dumped the chips on the table with such a thump they landed all over dh ruining his shirt and trousers with grease. We asked for the manager then and he was as ignorant as her and brought the bill with him where they had included a 15% service charge :o0 :o0
hagfromhell Posts: 2146
Oh yeah and I was in a pub in Dingle where the (very obviously) harassed and overworked bar man was also looking after the food end of things, as in taking orders etc. There was a group of tourists after coming in and he kept going round muttering (loudly) bl00dy f*cking tourists, bad manners, blah blah blah" He was acting like a bad tempered hormonal teenager actually, even though he was about 40. We sat with our mouths closed and ate our food (well not exactly closed IYKWIM :o0 ). Food was lovely though!
Jawl Posts: 8881
Actually, I was in Eddie Rockets about 6 months ago, and found a big long black hair in my burger. And then found what looked like a curly pube in my fries! :weep