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Lady Di Posts: 2487
Well guys - went to the toilet last night at about half nine and I had started to bleed again.... couldn't believe my eyes even though I'm expecting it everytime I go to the loo. I had got on sooooooo well with the consultant on Friday, he did a scan and I could see the baby bouncing around and moving his little legs and arms loads. Consultant said we had a 95% chance of going on to have a healthy baby. Anyway we went up to Holle St where we were seen pretty quickly and saw the most unfriendly inturn I have ever come across. She did a scan and everythings still looks fine - again baby is bouncing around and looking to be having a ball. She also did an internal examintation and I have an erosion on my cervix which may cause bleeding but I don't think it'd cause bleeding as heavy as I had. She sent me home and said I'd jus have to wait and see what happens and there was no need to come back inless I had cramping and clotting. Bleeding was very heavy all night and I spent most of it changing my ST's (sorry if TMI). This is total dejavu - and I feel I'm being whirled back into the nightmare of our first pregnancy loss - bleeding extensively with no answers as to why. I phoned my consultant this morning and he's going to meet me in Holle st tomorrow at 1.30. Why is pregnancy such a grey area - seems impossible to get answers about anything? I'm sick to the teeth of not knowing whats going on.....
jen2 Posts: 3106
Lay Di, I really hope that everything is ok. I have said a little prayer for you and baba. I had heavy bleeding at 13 weeks. It lasted all night, and then I had light bleeding and discharge for 2- 3 days. I knew I hada erossive crevix, plus the placanta was lying low, which they said may of had a bleed, but had stopped. I am now 24 weeks oregnant. Best of luck, and please let us know how you get on tomorrow. Jen2
Princess consuela Posts: 1480
Lady Di - really hope everything goes well for you tomorrow with the consultant. Will say a prayer for you and keep you in my thoughts
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Lady Di, you poor thing. It's good the scan looked good. Oh please God everything will be ok for you Saying a prayer for you
swissgirl Posts: 2301
Hi Lady Di, Ill say a prayer for you and your bean. Focus on the positive its moving around (probably having a great time while his mams heart is in her throat!). I assume you are taking it very easy? thinking of you. x sg
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Thanks guys! Thats encouraging to hear Jen. I had spotting early on in pregnancy but it wasn't like this. Looking back on it the spotting was definately worse at week 4 and week 8 - I'm now just going into week 12 so I don't know if there's a link!
sunnyside Posts: 3164
Lady Di hope you get some answers soon. as LMS said it seems good that the scan went well. Thinking of you.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Oh lady Di I will be praying really hard for you and your little one. How confusing - your little bean is bouncing around and you've been told that you have a really good chance of things working out. But then you have this unexplained bleeding to contend with. Your head must be fried altogether. I'm glad your consultant is meeting you tomorrow and please god there will be some explanation for this. You're right about pregnancy being a grey area. I don't know why doctors know so little about such a basic thing - they told me they don't even know yet what triggers natural labour ! Will keep everything crossed for you. You must be so worried. Keep us posted pet. Please god this is "just" a scare - how cruel though. :xxx :xxx :xxx
Lady Di Posts: 2487
Yeah Swiss girl - not in work and taking it really easy. Hopefully the rest will help!
Lady Di Posts: 2487
I know Sphynx - I don't understand it at all. It seems to be totally in the hands of the gods...