worth getting a buggy for toddler and newborn?

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Emme Posts: 4735
Hi, Jumping the gun slightly but would like to have small age gap between babs - ideally! Should I think ahead and get a buggy that can change and facilitate newborn and toddler or go ahead and look after the one I have so far! Really want a Quinny but they only seem to do singles. Emme
maisedon Posts: 1394
I'm thinking about baby no. 2 already!!! :o0 Everyone was saying to us at Christmas this year - "You'll have a 9th month old this time next year!!" and I was thinking "Yeah, and with no. 2 on the way hopefully!! " :-8 We went ahead and got the Quinny anyway, who knows how long it'll take you to concieve no. 2 or what your circumstances will be, so I would say if you like the Quinny now then go ahead and get it! Its very hard to plan that far in advance when you don't know what situation you will be in!! *)
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
If you like the Quinny get the Quinny!! We are having a 14 month gap between our two, and we got a Bugaboo for number one, and have bought a Phil & Teds now that will accomodate the two. I know it would have made more sense to buy the P&T first time around, but, life is too short, and we have economised in other areas to get what we want. So my advice is to wait and see what happens. Some people do not want to TTC that quickly, depending on how the birth goes, and what the temperatment of the baby is. We were very lucky on both counts, with a quick easy birth, and a very happy baby. Good luck whatever you decide. FP
kala Posts: 1937
we bought the mothercare my3 which is very similar to the Quinny but last night i bought a light weight stroller for when ds out grows the car seat so that we can use for shopping but we will use the my3 stroller when out walking. but like that we are starting to ttc no 2 and we will just see what suites best whenever our next babs arrive- can't plan that far ahead so we are just buying to suit our needs at the mo. no we are not loaded with money but like the girl in the other post we can do without other things. we save and work hard so i'm not afraid to spend my money when i need it.