Would any one know where i could get

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mkb Posts: 1744
cheap potted trees please? small ones to use as centerpieces, preferably ones i can hang items from or actually what type of trees or plants would be best suited for this. I have a notion of what i want to do for centerpieces but if i don't get a hold of small potted trees of small sturdy enough plants It could end up looking like something like my 8 year old nephew would have made in art class :o0 thanks
mkb Posts: 1744
does anyone know where i could get these. thanks
Starbar2010 Posts: 1261
potted trees maybe Tesco, or Atlantic Homecare. Not sure what kind of small potted tree would be sturdy though
mrs2010 Posts: 326
is it a Christmas theme? you could spraypaint "twigs" that would be strong enough to dangle stuff from. If it is a christmas one you could get minature fake christmas trees.Don't know of any living plants that would fit the bill. It would be worth asking at a garden centre though.
Elban26 Posts: 2458
Lidl do plants from timt to time, maybe check there!!
stigsgirl Posts: 20
hi if your in dublin go talk to Greg in Beechvista Garden Centre he is very helpful and would be surprised if he couldn't think up something suitable. He really goes out of his way to help customers
mkb Posts: 1744
thanks folks for your help. I have looked around woodies. atlantic etc but couldn't find anything strong enough or cheap enough :o0 mrs2010 not a christmas wedding, more day before patricks day, I had thought of using curly willow or birch branches but my family have me paranoid about how to secure them down in the vases and the thing is this is the cheap option as I noticed Ikea have a massive bunch of willow on sale for something like a €10. and all iwould have to do is cut it in half. I was orignaly going to use oasis and stick them into that but it can be very fickle and break easlily. Might just give it try again at home and put some of those coloured stones you get for vases in on top of it. thanks stigs girl for that info its really helpful will try call into him at somepoint during the week.
tilsun Posts: 4506
If you're near Dunshaughlin there's a huge garden centre there with lots of indoor plants. Instead of using oasis to put twigs in you could use that pottery clay stuff from artshops which would harden with the twigs in so would be stronger
mkb Posts: 1744
thanks very much tilsun, I had thought of pottery clay as well, bit afraid i this might be a silly question but After it dries out, if you leave water in on top of it does it go back being soft clay.
tilsun Posts: 4506
Not honestly sure if it goes soft again or not, sorry