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rop Posts: 1453
Chair covers for €3.50??? just for '08 I'm afraid - going out on my own and looking to get started this year... I can give quotes for '09 greater dublin area - wicklow/kildare etc ivory chair cover with matching sash [img:2hjoiyjx]http://i240.photobucket.com/albums/ff317/FlutterbyBride/sash_ivory.jpg[/img:2hjoiyjx] PM me for more details...
rop Posts: 1453
to all those that pm'd me for dates i should be able to let you know by Monday! and just a few answers to some FAQ's At the moment all i have is ivory but by next summer I will have gold, silver and burgandy if this helps anyone. I am only covering the Greater Dublin area for now - if things change I will contact you all again. The max I can do is 200 This price does include set up and take down If you have any other q's just pm me Cheers, ROP :o)ll