Would i be considered high risk?

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lovethesite Posts: 1054
Hi Girls, Just wondering what ye think? Had a MC over 2 years ago (happened first month trying).. had been trying since then with no luck, was about to have lap and dye. Lining was a little think but had improved (about 8mm at OV), on progesterone. Thanks xx
gottabfp Posts: 5641
Are you on progestrone for the 12 weeks? Its hard to tell, think everyone is at risk and there is no way of knowing, Maybe an early scan might put your mind a rest. They say if babys heartbeat is over a certain beat per minute its a good sign. x
jewellb Posts: 2389
Love the site do you mean high risk as in attending the high risk clinic? Or just that the hospital may do an early scan? I attend the high risk clinic in HS but only because I've a pre existing illness that I'm on med's for and may need section, but my doc doesn't thing my pregnancy as such is high risk!! If your scan isn't for ages maybe find somewhere to have a private scan, I know it's hard to relax, I live scan to scan and am nearly afraid to look everytime!! :lvs Gotta bfp great to see your babs will be here soon I rem when you got your bfp!! :lvs
annonTTCer Posts: 532
hi love the site ring the EPU for an early scan, thye probaly wont't so it until you are gone 8 weeks, or your GP might be able to arrange it for you. we had 3 mc's, and they gave us a scan very early, ended up having 5 scans (one with consultant to confrim pregnancy and 4 in EPU) by the time we were 13 weeks as i kept on insisting on it, but i wasn't put in the high risk clinic, have booking scan next tuesday, wil be just gone 17 weeks, after scan at 13 weeks they said everythng was fine and to wait for booking scan and that i would probably be called early, also i asked the consultnat would it be best to go private and e said there was no need, i think had i been high risk he mihgt thave advised private! definitley the first step is to get an early scan and i think its best to have it in the EPU if possible as its in your hospital notes then! best of luck pet
MrsSeuss Posts: 62
pm'd you