Would I be nuts to get my invites now?

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Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
Hi, I've seen the invites I want for the wedding but as you can see from my ticker Im not get married for ages. I just want to spread out the cost as much as possible so that I'm not paying for everything in the last few months. I don't think I'm gonna change my mind about them cos I love them!
birdie Posts: 954
I don't think you'd be nuts, like you said it's good to spread out the cost as much as you can rather than leaving most things til the few months before the big day! My wedding is about 14months off and if I found invitations I really like then I'd have no qualms about buying them now! Just as long as your numbers aren't likely to change much so that you don't end up with way too many or too few I can't see a problem! :wv
Daddys Girl Posts: 267
Hey easy tiger, A friend of mine works for a stationery company and she was jus sayin d oder day bout a bride that came in to order her stationery with her, shes not getn married until nex April. She tried to put her off placing her order so early but the bride was havin none of it and placed her order. Its gr8 to get it done and out of the way but god forbid if something happened dat ur plans had to change, den you would be left with invitations dat you couldnt use. Think strongly about it, its not dat u mite not like dem 10mths down d line, its incase any of ur plans change!!!
angel3 Posts: 1572
i would say if you like them go for it! I mean it would defo spread your cost out... Another thing off your list as well... :o)ll
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
thanks for the replies. I know what you mean about numbers changing etc. The invites I'm getting will be part DIY as in I'll be doing up the inside piece so really I am just buying plain cards and envelopes.
bbbride Posts: 664
Go for it, I have picked mine, getting them in the next month, not getting married till next year. Just make sure the time for the ceremony is alright, the photographer advised us have it earlier.
SaySay Posts: 86
I’ve had my invitations since January, sitting in my house! Not getting married until September. If you know you wont change your mind (about invites or H2B!!!) then crack on I say. It’s great to spread the cost and have things out of the way that can be done early. That my 2 cents!
Anonymous Posts: 24542
If they are the ones you want I would also say go for it. As you said it spreads out the cost and its one less thing to do nxt year :-8
BeachBride Posts: 310
Just a word of caution easytiger - I did this and then I ran out of invitations and went to get more and they didn't have any of the original ones I bought anymore - I had to get different ones :o( . So just make sure you allow for spoilt ones and makes sure that however many you think you need get 30 more. There was loads of people we forgot to count in during our original guest list count!! :o0 :o0
gerbil Posts: 3528
go for it :)( ours are being made by a friend in the UK who makes wonderful handmade cards, they are only gorgeous, and we got her making them really really :) I think if you like them, get them, you know what you want!