Would I have been in danger?

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loopey Posts: 215
Girls, I'm 15 weeks pregnant and I dropped in to see my brother on my way home from work today. As I was sitting there having a cold drink, my sister in law told me that she had discovered this morning that one of my nephews had chicken pox! She knows I'm pregnant and I don't understand why she didnt say this sooner. >:o( I quickly made my exit but I was there for about 10 minutes. Do you think I would've put the baby in danger by even being in the house for 10 minutes? I'm so annoyed that I wasn't told sooner >:o(
baby-bel Posts: 929
have you had chicken pox already? if so you should be fine I think but maybe ring your doc in the morning to check :lvs
LMR Posts: 1925
Have you had chicken pox before? If so you're more than likely grand. Was nephew in the room? If you're worried, especially if you've never had it I'd go and see your doctor and see what they suggest.
loopey Posts: 215
Thanks Girls, No I've never had them before......my sister had them when we were younger but I never picked them up from her. My nephew was in the room when I was there. I'll ring the doc just to make sure
bunnyhop1 Posts: 419
I had the pox when my mam was pg and the doc told her once she was over 14 weeks u should be fine!!But do ring the doc just to put ur mind at ease....
Emme Posts: 4735
Hi Loopey, same as you I have no immunity - getting vaccinated straight after I have this baby cause it's a nightmare trying to avoid the little beggers! I was advised at around 16 weeks to keep away from my niece who had them but there was an outbreak in her class so I had to stay away for 3 weeks just in case. Now having said that the doctor did say that at that stage I was out of the real danger zone. Now I'm back in the danger zone the other end and neighbours called over with 3 kids who had it the other day but what can ya do apart from move as quickly as possible! So don't be worrying but mention to your doctor.
loopey Posts: 215
Thanks again girls, I rang the doctor. She's going to ring me back as soon as she's finished with her patients. It's better to be safe than sorry.
bumble Posts: 1980
Is chicken pox still contagious once the spots come out or is it one of the ones that is contagious only in the early stages? You might be ok if that's the case. I'd be fuming with my bro and sil if i were you though. Am sure you're fine. You cld very well be immune to it if your sis had it when you were young as you might have been exposed to it but just never actually got it. I'm immune to it even though i never got it - i was in contact with other kids who had it when i was young. Am sure you're fine and hopefully doc can put your mind at ease.