would love some reassurance after hospital visit pls

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Busy Mom Posts: 2910
also posted in M&K hi ladies, i had to go to the hospital today as i had a leak today and they wanted to check was it discharge (which it turned out it was) or was it amniotic fluid. so the doc said she was going to do a scan and just check internally. so she did the scan and said it looked fine and she was happy with it but she wanted to check internally and take a swab. so she did that and i asked would i have more discharge or spotting after the internal and she said no spotting as she didn't go up to my cervix. she just checked was there fluid before the cervix and there wasn't but she took a swab anyway. soooooooo now i'm nervous cuz i'm afraid the poking around will have damaged something up there or upset baby/womb etc. i feel tense because i'm worrying. the slly thing is i had two internal scans when i was 6 & 9 weeks and i figure they would have went higher up than the exam she did today PLUS we've BD'd which would've been more Blush vigourous Blush than the exam and if anything was going to upset things it would be that. oh god now i'm rambling!
gemini chica Posts: 2581
Baby, I really wouldn't worry cos even if she did or DTD went near the cervix thats ok cos the cervix is closed and often will have things up there being checked. Twice I had my doc up there at my cervix and I did bleed afterwards but I knew I would from her poking around there, and it was fine after a day! Try not to worry :lvs
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
thanks GC it just felt so invasive this time - i think just cuz i can feel baby moving around now everyday and its so much in the forefront of my mind that it was earlier in my pregnancy.
petunia Posts: 1626
How are you today -Baby-? I hope everything is okay and you are not so worried.
Busy Mom Posts: 2910
hi petunia. well DH came home just after i posted that so i talked it out with him - it never sounds as bad when you say things out loud!! :-8 feeling better. i'm back to "normal" pregnancy aches and pains.