Would Moon River be a suitable song for church?

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sueblue Posts: 116
hi all, I heard this song again last night and I love it! It's Moon River, from the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. I think the lyrics aren't really suitable but still wondering if it could be played as instrumental during some part of our church wedding - what do ye think?! If not, it's deffo on playlist for evening time O-O
FaerieBride Posts: 182
Absolutely! The music is beautiful and definitely could be used- perhaps during the signing of the register?? But the lyrics are also lovely- its about too friends who found each other and want the same out of life (essentially) so I wouldn't discount it because of the lyrics either.
LadyLizzie Posts: 1724
Moon river is a lovely song. Generally it's allowed to have non-religious music once the mass has ended, so songs for signing the register and leaving the church. We are going to have a song by the rock band Kiss for our signing of the register! And Green Day "Time of Your Life" for the recessional song. Both played by string quartet, can't wait to hear it!
sok2013 Posts: 55
We're having Moon River as one of our tunes!! Our singer has a kind of jazzy bluesy voice and we saw her sing with her jazz quintet... we've picked many many jazzy easy listening songs. Haha! :) Our priest is easy going enough TG!
wollysocks Posts: 1773
To be honest I think it is a strange choice to play in a church at a wedding. I always feel a bit sad when I hear it- I know the lyrics are not sad as such but I think it is a very downbeat song for such a happy occasion. I am probably in the minority but I prefer religious songs/ hymns in the church- there are so many beautiful hymns and pieces of music that I think can fit the occasion and setting. Also, I believe some priests don't like/ won't allow non-religious music during the ceremony- except for after Communion I think, so maybe if you plan on having other songs or pieces of music, you may need to run it by your priest first.
sueblue Posts: 116
I'm thinking of maybe just using it in instrumental form, as one of the songs whilst signing the registry or at a quieter moment of the ceremony. I get what you are saying woollysocks, it can sometimes bring a lump to my throat too - but I still like it! I dunno, maybe if we played a bit of it, and then moved in to another more upbeat song straight after? Any suggestions?
albridemay2013 Posts: 27
I think it would definitely work as a ceremony tune-sung or unsung!! I think the words of the song are absolutely perfect to be honest! "2 drifters off to see the world... we're after the same rainbows end..." PERFECT... starting to wish I'd thought of that! :duh: :duh:
elpi Posts: 748
Absolutely adore that song
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
I have performed this wedding for walking down the aisle and it was really lovely. I doubt there would be an issue with it being at the signing of the register, but always best to check with the priest. The lyrics are very suitable it think, but it's all about personal taste. I love the song ;) good choice!