Would Quinny Buzz fit into boot of a Yaris?

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bonzo Posts: 54
Hi girls, would really like to get a Quinny buzz but as any of you with a Toyota Yaris will know the boot space is very limited. I understand that the Quinnys fold up fairly neatly. Do you think it would fit into the boot of a Yaris?
ms jolie Posts: 166
I would imagine so. Make sure to get the shop you are buying it from to check first.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
starting to get worried as to whats gonna fit in my boot(mini cooper???) I honestly dont think il get a buggy of any description in there O:|
the moms Posts: 1427
cheer bear, you might have to make do with a sling! :o0 :o0
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
I know :o( hubbie keeps telling me il have to sell it and get a punto :eek (not that theres anything wrong with them-they just not for me) and my mini's pink-its very special to me- a wedding gift from hubbie O:|
mama2E Posts: 670
I love the buzz too........I tried my friends in my boot last week (well she did as I held the baby) and she couldn't get it to fit. And I drive a Golf!!!!! I'm gonna get one from the shop and give it a good shove just to be sure. I think my friend may have been a little to cautious. Just in case ..............i've spotted the cosatto cabi which folds neater - haven't read any reviews on it yet. Defo give it a try before you buy.
bonzo Posts: 54
Yeah I really love the buzz too, looks lovely and neat. So do you think any of the shops would let me try it out to see if it would fit in the boot, or would they think I would do a runner with it heh heh??
mama2E Posts: 670
I'm planning on letting the assistant lift it out!!!!!! That way they'll know I am a serious buyer who simply wants to know if it'll fit in my boot!! I'm in Newry and the baby shop has spaces outside the front of it. So plan on reversing right up to the front door! For 500 stg - they'd need to let me try it in my car first ehehhehehehehe :wv :wv :wv Pram shopping is very exciting.
bonzo Posts: 54
Mama2b you are dead right, especially if we are planning on spending a fortune in the one shop tis the least they can do is fit it into the boot for us!
shobie Posts: 1437
mama2b, 500 stg sounds very expensive for a quinny buzz...they are 449 euro round these parts, what type are you buying????