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mop1 Posts: 1564
OK, there are 3 of working in the offices here. 2 of us have offices beside eachother and the other one is down the end of the corridor. The one at the end of the corridor does come up to our offices a few times a day but what is really starting to annoy me is: EVERY day as soon as I go on my break and lunch (we take staggerd lunch times) she up the corridor to have a chat with the other one and stays there until I come back and then straight away she goes back to her own office. Dont think im being paranoid its not like i think they are talking about me its just annoying me that she is waiting for me to go off every day. Am I being stupid or would this get on anyone elses nerves?
milis Posts: 7998
Are you senior to her? Are you are really professional worker? Do you b!tch with her? Do they know each other better than you know them? All of the above will have an effect on why she does this.... BUT this would annoy me, yes *)