Would this be pushing it too much?

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mrsjay Posts: 190
i'm 20 weeks pregnant today and am going to start yoga tomorrow. thing is the yoga class (which is not especially for pregnant women) is on just before this special aqua-aerobics/swim class for mums-to-be that i'm also interested in. i'm not hugely active, well actually, i'm generally very lazy when it comes to sports :o0 but i'm determined to do something on a daily basis between now and january. for those of you who have been there done that - what do you think? would i be pushing myself/baby too much to do both?
Chicken Licken Posts: 873
My only advice is that your yoga instructor is aware that you are 20 weeks as there are some of the exercises that you should not do. It also depends on the type of yoga as some of it is quite tough. I did find that the yoga was enough for me as I amn't exactly a sporty type and didn't want to start too much when my body was going through these changes. You could always try both classes once and see how you feel as later on you might not be up to both classes. Well done to you for wanting to do both - I am struggling now to just do the pregnancy yoga. Good luck! :thnk
Sphynx Posts: 6795
It would prob depend on the yoga teacher. The yoga I did was extremely relaxing - in fact it was mostly about relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques and you would not be physically tired afterwards. However, I found I was just tired from the concentration as everything seems to take a bit more out of me since I've been pregnant!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Mrs Jay if you havent done yoga before i think you need to go to a specially designed class for pregnancy, as like the girls said there are certain moves you cant do. If i were you id do the aqua classes and maybe get a DVD and do pregnancy yoga at home another day. Im starting swimming on a Sat and will do yoga at home during the week. I think if you havent been hugely active before you got pregnant than 2 classes like this one after another will be too much for you.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
oh I just realized it wasn't a pregnancy yoga class! I would give that a miss to be honest and maybe try to find a pregnancy yoga class at another time or do it yourself at home with a DVD. The reason my class was so relaxing was that it was specifically for pregnant women and we did very very few moves - I'd say you would find yourself sitting back and watching for a lot of that class.
mrsjay Posts: 190
yeah, i know, i'm being hugely optimistic!! i did yoga years ago and loved it but did find it quite tough. there was a pregnant girl in our class, that's why i thought it would be ok to go to a normal class. anyway, i think i'm gonna do one class of each a week (that's all i can do work-wise anyway) and that way i'll get a taste of both. would love to do yoga at home but i'm way too lazy to for that!!! :o0 i soo need the motivation of having an instructor and a whole class full of other people sweating it out too to get me moving!!!
mrsjay Posts: 190
oh just saw your 2nd post now sphynx - yeah, i guess i probably would find it tough and not be able to partake in many of the activities. well, i'll go to one class and chat to the instructor, see what he/she says and take it from there! i'm defo on for the swimming class though!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Sounds like a plan! Maybe your teacher would be able to work out a program just for you. I would LOVE to do the swimming myself but there isn't anything on offer for pregnant ladies in my gym. Enjoy!