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wifey2be2016 Posts: 52
I have recently discovered that members of the public like to come and go throughout wedding ceremonys in the church I am getting married in.. It is in a busy city centre village and as the church is so public people will be watching from the road , taking pics etc..this doesn't bother me.. It's the people that decide to come into the church and sit at the opposite side of the alter (the church is rather large) The alter is in the centre of the church and there is seating all around it.. They tend to sit at the back which means myself & OH will be looking at them if they decide to grace us with their presence!!! Obviously there isn't anything I can do as a church is a public place but would this bother you or am I just overthinking it!!? :-8 >:o(
marialouise Posts: 212
Have seen this happen at loads of weddings, people coming in and out of the church. To be honest I think you really won't notice... There are guests coming late to ceremonies anyway so there will always be a bit of shuffling at the back of any church, and you'll probably be concentrating too much on getting married to notice! There's a lot going on generally, focussing on what bit of the mass you're at, bridesmaids fussing over your veil every time you stand up or sit down, photographers and videographers up and down, loads going on! So you'll hardly notice them/care I'd say, and it won't be hundreds of people marching in and out, if people are sneaking into a wedding they're generally discreet. I know it's not ideal but I wouldn't worry about it!
Munstermolly Posts: 100
It wouldn't bother me but i can see how it bothers some , as already said you won't notice other ppl there as you'll be so caught up in the moment . And as you've said the Church is a public place so ppl can come and go .
LadyB2016 Posts: 167
I wouldn't mind so much if they sat at the back and were discrete but I would be annoyed if they were sitting in such a place that they are picked up on the video and in photos. I know these can be edited but you would think that most people would know to sneak in at the back. I would never dream of going into a church if a wedding was taken place and I was not a guest. If I wanted to see the bride and groom then I would wait outside for them to come out but only if I thought they ceremony was due to end soon. I wouldn't stand around waiting on the ceremony to end.
BridetobeSep16 Posts: 7
I agree with all above, but if you're still bothered about it (and maybe check its ok with the priest) what about getting one of those nice blackboard weddingy signs and write "guests only please" or "private wedding" etc etc and have one of the ushers or someone to place/hang it at the door after you have walked up the aisle, or beforehand if you don't mind your guests seeing it. it might prevent it someway! cant understand why someone would think its ok to intrude on someone's wedding ceremony!
craftyPB Posts: 2625
Yes, that would really bother me! We had a very personal ceremony - discreet photographer, no videographer, my dress didn't need fixing so no bms moving around, so people walking I'm and out would have been very much noticed! I agree with the previous post and ask your priest about a sign for the door - try putting reserved signs on the seats that would be I'm front of you, to try and keep people off them too - or, get guests to sit there instead, blocking your view of the general public
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
I have performed at one particular church and it's horrible how many tourists are wandering around during the ceremony. It is a public place and people can worship God when the church is open. It is totally up to you but I don't like it when lots of uninvited guests are milling around dressed in rain ponchos, bum bags and base ball caps. It can mean a lot of photo shopping for your photographer.
Sineaddaze Posts: 14
I have to say it would annoy me a bit! Whatever about people standing outside the church (I actually think that's kind of nice!), but to go right in when the ceremony is on, it's a bit much. It's a wedding, not a public show! If the priest would agree to it; I'd say to put the sign up, like others have suggested.
MrsSparkle2B Posts: 1689
The thought of this would bother me but honestly on our wedding day I never noticed what was happening in the pews. I was on time & loads came in late I never heard or seen one of them. We were so focused on each other & the ceremony. Don't overthink it, maybe ask the priest re a sign but if it's not possible don't dwell on it.
denlo Posts: 124
Instead of worrying about them, why not embrace them? If your chosen church is popular with tourists/public why not let them enjoy your big day? I don't mean have them up on the altar with you but if they are in the background, just accept it. They can add to the atmosphere of your wedding and if a few of them end up in the photos or video, so be it! When you look back on the photos in years to come, you'll have a good laugh at them.