Would u shop 4 Wedding Ring w/o H2B

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May09Bride Posts: 1050
Going to NY in a few weeks with my Mum 9shopping) and just wondered about getting my wedding band over there because the exchange rate is so good, would you go and buy your wedding band without your H2B with you?
chaos Posts: 1904
when we went shopping here for my wedding band, i was glad to have h2b with me as he could see from the distance iykwim, what it was like. now we did have my mam wiht us too as we were at a relatives in cork for the weekend when we saw it.both agreed it was stunning and the nicest one i had seen. but saying that, h2b was in USA in may with work and was going to buy my band for me but i said no as i would need to try it on. i would say as long as you have someone who will be honest to what its like on you, it doesnt matter if its your h2b or your mam. after all, you'll be the one wearing it! enjoy the states and the shopping!!
Delish Posts: 4176
i would shop without h2b, but would be a little wary of buying overseas, in case it needs any alterations or work done on it in time to come, h2b got my ring in Dubai, I had to get it sized and it is turning into a bit of a nitemare given the style of the ring etc. A few places advised to get it sized in the jewellers it was bought in. Not so easy when the jewellers is at the other side of the world!
jenny07 Posts: 345
Definitely. I bought mine myself while in NY on business. I don't feel I missed out on any kind of "experience" as we had that when getting the engagement ring
May09Bride Posts: 1050
Thanks girls, I think I will go shopping with Mum and just but one out there, like jenny 07 says she didnt miss out on any "experience"..... Thanks for the replies
MrsS-at-last Posts: 182
Totally agree with Jenny07. I'm heading to San Francisco in a fortmight with my girls and have planned to get mine and probably h2b's over there. Been emailing a jewellers over there and with the quotes she's giving me we couldn't not go with the savings. Will have my BM with me so her opinion will be nb. I think the big deal is getting the engagment ring! Just think of the 'experience' of saving a couple of thousand euros and you'll quickly forget that he wasn't there!!!! :o0 :o0 :o0
val2bwed Posts: 194
I didn't plan on getting mind without H2B but was shopping with my sis and came across it and just fell in love with it put a deposit on it and the rest is history! :wv