would you be a pregnant Bridesmaid

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Ailise1 Posts: 36
Hi guys, Im getting married next week and im hoping to start trying for a baby fairly soon after. My sister is getting married next June and i am one of her bridesmaids. if I get pregnant in the next couple of months id be fairly heavily pregnant for her wedding, not sure whether to wait until her wedding is over or maybe if I am pregnant step down as her bm, she said it wouldnt bother her if I was a preggers bm but im not sure what to do. i already have a two year old son and id like to keep the age gap between kids small so now is probably the right time to start trying. Any thoughts would be appriciated!!
miss sixty Posts: 467
I was a BM when I was 6 mths preggers! What work we had with my dress - had to be made but the poor dress-maker had to take it apart 3 times in the last couple of weeks as I got very big around then!!!!! Ah I enjoyed it anyways - Id say go for it! (But make sure you invest in a lovely comfy pair of flat shoes for the day!)
brideeee Posts: 1490
My friend is ttc at the moment, and if she gets pg now she'll be very heavily pg at time of wedding, I don't mind at all, as I'll be delighted for her. What I would say to you is, it might take a little while to get pg so I would just go for it, xx brideeee
over the moon Posts: 676
I am doing Chief Bridesmaid for a very good friend of mine on 30th March next year and had told her when she asked me that we were thinking of TTC. She was great about it and said if I got pregnant that she would still have me a BM. Anyway myself and DH had decided that we were stay TTC until May this year and if it didnt happen we were going to hold off until end of this year anyway as I myself didn't want to be heavily pregnant on her wedding day. Anyway as it turned out I got pregnant in April this year and our first baba is due 23rd Jan which is 9 weeks before the wedding. Worked out brilliant in the end.We're going looking for BM dresses next Sat and should be a great laugh as I now have a nice bump!!! As of early Feb I will be back dieting though and anyway I'm sure won't even have time to eat when baba arrives so fingers crossed I lose my bump quickly.. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that if bride has no problem with you being pregnant well then go for it, like brideeeee said it could take a while. Good luck :D :D
so_clear Posts: 397
If your sister has said that she'd be happy for you to be pregnant and it's what you want to do, then I'd say go for it! 8)
LJMom Posts: 1100
One of my bm was 7 months pregnant & it didnt bother me at all. We changed her dress when she found out to a size 14 & because the dress was A line it only had to be altered slightly under the arms for her. Just make sure to leave you alterations until the week of the wedding or week before as you grow quite quickly! She looked fab! Best of luck ttc :D
mrs sarah c Posts: 522
I would hate to be a big pregnant bridesmaid if I was beside a few skinny minnies that would really bother me esp if my dress was the same style as theirs.Being a bm is a lot of bother I wouldn't do it for anyone.
Sart Posts: 441
to answer your question - no, I wouldn't be a pg bridesmaid. Being pg is hard enough on your body and depending on where you are in the gestation you mightn't feel all that great about your body. I wouldn't like it at all. I've only one umarried sister left though and she's def not getting married before this one pops out! whew....
Moet for me Posts: 1841
I was a pregnant bridesmaid, 5 months no problems with that, missed the drinking though.
Bugs Posts: 511
I don't see why not - after all, it's you as a person that they want for Bm, not how your body looks...?