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Buttercup75 Posts: 3
A cousin of mine has just recently informed me that she has booked her wedding a few days prior to mine in Spain. She know's months what date my wedding was booked for so i cant understand why she booked hers so close. I'm so annoyed as this is going to put family in a really awkward position where they'll have to choose whose wedding they want to go to. I'm getting married in Ireland. I dont know whether i'm overreacting! My sister has told me not to let it get to me but I know some aunts and uncles might choose to go to her wedding instead as i wouldnt see them as much as she would. I know there's nothing i can do now as there both booked but i'm just so annoyed. O:|
lollypopwife Posts: 836
I would be soooooo anooyed! I don't think this is just bridezilla me either, I would not in a million years do that to anybody close enough to me to have guests in common. Not much you can do so not really much point in me ranting on but I just wanted to let you know that I think your reaction is totally normal!! :action32
Happily Ever After Posts: 547
I think your reaction is normal too!!! You poor thing that is terrible however, you may find that people will choose to come to yours as it is in Ireland. If not then it's their loss and I'm sure you will still have a wonderful day. It would be terrible to be a guest trying to decide which one to go too she has put people in an impossible situation and I'm sure they probably won't thank her for it. Try not to let it upset you too much if possible.... best of luck with your plans
fimadge Posts: 12
Oh i hear you. a cousin of mine has done the exact same thing. like you I've had mine booked way before hers. also as she is coming home to get married i feel that family Will choose to go to hers as it Will be a chance for them to meet her again. Im so annoyed with her she could have picked any other month hence she's not been invited to mine. Childish i know but still annoyed with her.
babygirl2009 Posts: 55
Yes I would be furious I think she is very inconsiderate! My best friend got engaged in Sptember 2011 and set her date for April 2014 I got engaged in February this year and am getting married in August 2013. I felt bad for setting my date before her because she was enageged before me, I know it seems stupid but these are thought us girls have. I discussed it with her as I was worried she might think I was getting in ahead of her and being a bi*ch but she was fine she just said ye can afford it so why not I dont mind at all. In saying that now I have promised I won't have a honeymmoon baby and go into labor on her day in April :) Hopefully people will come to yours as it wont be as expencsive to travel to.... and also people will use yours as the reason for not going to hers LOL .
Buttercup75 Posts: 3
Thank you for all of your replies. I can honestly say i'm not bothered in the slightest that she's getting married before me, its the fact that she chose to do it so close to mine. I would never do that on any family/friend member. I've told her how i feel about it anyways...i usually keep my mouth shut but this really made me furious. I'm glad you all feel the same as i was beginning to think i was becoming a bit of a bridezilla!! I can only wait and see who'll decide to come to mine and who will go to hers. Thanks again guys :)
happilymarried2010 Posts: 493
Yes i would def be annoyed, just as annoyed as the time i asked a very good friend to be my bridesmaid............a week later she announced her wedding was booked for the July before our September wedding O:| >:o( When i asked her to be BM she wasnt even engaged >:o(
FinallyMrsM Posts: 899
I would be furious, you are totally right to be annoyed.
JaneWP Posts: 152
I'm glad you said something! That has got to be the meanest thing ever. Personally I think people should go to the wedding they heard about first. Cant get over!
galbridezilla Posts: 190