Would you consider being a stay-at-home-wife?

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Anonymous Posts: 24542
Or are you already one?
007 Posts: 1462
i would consider it alright- dont know if it would be for me long term but i would love the option..
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
if we have kids id would like to jobshare for a while but with my job i will have all holidays off so even if i dont job share it will be fine
Ebby Posts: 3042
would defitinitely consider it. Feeling very broody right now!
Dcd Posts: 1471
Stay at home wife or stay at home parent?? I can't imagine staying at home all day if I didn't have kids! I'd go loopy :eek At least with kids I have an excuse to be loopy :o0 I am a stay at home parent who just happens to be a wife >:o)
bingowings Posts: 1388
Nope, definately not. I've seen one to many marraiges break up and the wife is left with out dated skills etc which makes it harder to find a good job to be able to support herself and family (even with maintenance). I have full confidence in my relationship but have always been very independant and would feel some what vunerable if I was a stay at home mum. Does that make any sense?
Dcd Posts: 1471
It does make sense Bingowings.. and it took a LONG time for me to let go and trust that DH could and would provide for us all. But he does, and he does a great job of it. And I think I'm picking up more skills at home than I ever did at work :o0
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Would you even do it for a while Bingo Wings? say one to two years? Or would you feel that your skills would be outdated even in that time?
bingowings Posts: 1388
I work in IT and things change very regularly. Even being out for 4 months will mean I'll need training. If I was out for 2 years I wouldn't be able to do the job I do today...
thumper Posts: 586
i always think that i'd love it- but then i see my SIL and she has three kids and is absolutely run off her feet- shes starved for adult conversation and because she's not working i feel like she does everything for the house where her husband just comes in from the office and expects everything to be rosy. so id be afraid of that tbh. but on the other hand i think it would be lovely if we could afford it- my mom was able to stay home with us the first few years and she always says she wouldnt trade it for the world- because being with your kids when they are little is something you could never get back- but it would be very hard to give up my career- which i would basically be doing- its really looked down upon in my profession to take any time out.