Would you go back to work an HOUR after giving birth?

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YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
[url:24sbo9ik]http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1310240/Would-work-hour-giving-birth.html[/url:24sbo9ik] ah girls that isnt normal! Surely there are things more important than your work ?!
hell no. Am sure your baby needs you one hour after being born. Surely thats a lovely time to create a bond. Also the more time off work the better and what better excuse to have it than just having a baby.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
In fariness she's MD of her own company and maybe doesn't have anyone to cover. Plus she can probably work from home My replacement is still working here and I feel I am still fighting to regain my full job title. I feel like we are constantly in competition. He was sent away on an overseas trip which really should have been me plus I know he's on 10k more a year too. Its just sickening and unfortunatley if I was to get pregnant again I would really consider reducing my maternity leave. It really is a mans world :o(
Momof2 Posts: 3884
I don't think thats technically going back to work she answered an email.. I personally detest these kind of sensationalist stories. Its not the norm if its what you need to do in your life then go do it but don't understand the need to tell the story to the media .. bizarre
sunnyside4 Posts: 731
I presume it's only because she is her own boss. I would imagine that as an employee you wouldn't be allowed/ insured to return. I know if my DH who is his own boss has just had a baby (wishful thinking :o0 ) and got a phone call about his business an hour later he'd probably take it :-8
aston Posts: 4100
Read the article and it said that she was on the phone to a client an hour after giving birth and the longest mat leave she takes is 8 weeks. So from that article I get that she is a MD of her own company and has to work to keep things ticking along and I dont know but maybe she works from home and has extremely good childcare, family help esp if she is on baby number 5. Think the media has blown this story out of all proportion as per usual!!! To answer your question, I had excellent birth, no pain relief etc and found it grand but there is absolutely no way I would be going back to work after an hour. Not a hope. You need time to bond with your baby and for your body to adapt to this major change etc. Your body is after going through the biggest ordeal it will ever go through and is nooooooo way ready for going back to work. I think this just reitterates the disrespect the workplace has for women when we are expected to be these superwomen and work outside the home, work inside the home, give birth, raise our kids, get our figures back and be sex godesses in the bedroom all in one day! Wrecks my head societies attitude to women today. Think it is a pity that it has all changed.
Diamondz Posts: 2208
I agree - this is being sensationalised, she is her own boss and only answered an email (prob on her blackberry)!! She also states that she never works 9 to 5 and sends stuff out at 3am when she is breastfeeding her baby and she works around the kiddies routines..... not really liek she is goign into the office after an hour... Actually if she did, it would be illegal as in the UK you are not permitted to return to work within 2 weeks of giving birth.... I emailed work a couple of hours after having DD was born - but in fairness it was on my phone and only to says thanks for all the well wishes from my pals and only because the midwife had ushered me off to the lunch room leaving DH holding the baby :o0 :o0 Apparently mummies need to eat :o0 :o0
LastRolo Posts: 6892
Well to be honest, years ago my granny gave birth to 10 children at home and as you can imagine the house was a busy one - so after babies was born, it was downstairs to make tea for all the little ones. I think nowadays that sometime us girls are too "fragile" and we forget what our granny's done. My granny had chickens, hens, pigs and a few cows - thats how she made money for the house and these had to be fed and milked everyday, even when she was pregnant and she wasnt out of action for weeks after she gave birth - she was out on the farm doing it all. For the first few babies she would not of had running water in the house, and would of had to walk to the well for water. I think us girls have got soft...
trance Posts: 3129
I'm shocked, it's really not like the DAILY MAIL to sensationalise a story. Especially considering how much they support working women. :duh:
YoMammaSo Posts: 3256
I dunno i thoguth it was mad! the last thing ill be thinking about is work and im looking forward to 100% to my minimum 6 months !