Would you go on Four Weddings?

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lux Posts: 6270
I am a topic junkie today, due to work boredom (its our quiet time) Every time I watch this I think is it worth it for a free honeymoon? I don't know if I'd like to be judged on my and OH's big day. Would other Wollies go on it? Anyone know anyone who has?
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
You couldn't pay me to go on one of those programs so the answer is NO. OH asked just after our wedding how do you think we would have got on if others were judging it - my reponse was possibly not good as we didn't go all out for extras!
ott Posts: 3920
Not a chance...
StupidSexyFlanders Posts: 8402
Not for a 7 week honeymoon, let alone 7 days. I'd hate to have three perfect strangers at my wedding knowing they were going to try to tear it to shreds. My FSIL will be doing enough of that on her own!
trance Posts: 3129
NO!!!!! I couldn't stand the scrutiny and the criticism and having 3 complete strangers at my wedding and a tv crew :hic For me no honeymoon would be worth that
Rocksie80 Posts: 4045
The thought of having 3 total strangers at my wedding (never mind camera crew) would put me off. Everyone at the wedding will be there because me OH or our parents (to a certain extent) want them there to share our day.
Jawl Posts: 8881
Not a snowball's chance in hell! :o0 H2b and I are having a wedding, that suits us, that we like and that we want. We are not out to compete with anybody else, or better anybody else. It's purely down to personal tastes and desires. I would never go on something like that, to be judged by strangers and everything up for public consumption. Even though I love watching it :o0
Rubyrose Posts: 5522
Not a chance in the world..NOWAY HOSEY!!
MizMelanie Posts: 1443
What is Four Weddings about? When I lived in the States and was dress shopping in Kleinfelds they wanted me to go on Say Yes to the Dress!!! :eek I nearly died!! They were trying to persuade me cos of the fact I was Irish adn had my Irish friends with me so they thought we'd be different to the typical american bride! There was no freebies though - like you get special attention re the dress and I think a sizeable discount, maybe 20-30% but I didn't like anything there anyway...
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
Nope! It's a nightmare to me tbh. To know are people there deliberately judging your wedding! Ug, no prize is worth it.