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bellababy Posts: 72
I'm from Limerick and due to go to a wedding on Saturday in West Cork 1 hour 30 mins from CUMH. I'll be 38+3. The babies head is 3/5ths engaged, I've been getting braxton hicks for the last two nights. There was talk of me getting a show last Friday but the midwife today said it wasn't a show. It's my second baby I got induced on my due date the last time. My labour was 6 hours last time. Getting more discharge than usual today. I think that's all the info I have I think. I really don't want to have the baby in Cork cos my lo will be with her in laws in Limerick and don't drive so won't be able to visit. It's a really really good friend so don't want to miss the wedding.
mammymcphee Posts: 4477
Hi Bellababy, If it was me, I wouldnt go I dont think, I remember going on a long drive just before DD was born, and I was so uncomfortable for the whole journey. When are you back to the hospital for a check up? Did you have an internal or anything today? Of course you know your body better than anyone, so only you can really decide whether or not to go, if you dont go, im sure your friend would totally understand also Best of luck with your labour :thnk
babyblaBBer Posts: 2448
i would go i think, depending on the circumstances. for example why were induced on your due date last time and not 2 weeks overdue? i know 38+3 is technically full term but i'd say very very few babies come that early and chances are you'll be sitting around on saturday (and sunday and monday and tuesday etc) bored and frustrated. i went 2 weeks over with DS and the one thing i learned was not to put my life on hold as that made the waiting so much worse. i'd see how you feel on the day, go but plan to leave maybe after the speeches at the latest and obviously your DH won't be drinking so if you feel anything strange at all on the day you can just head back.
jezabelle Posts: 607
I'd definatly go, unless of course you are in labour on Friday or Saturday, or are actually genuinely really sick, But you will really need to decide today, if it is a matter of making the decision or else there is a risk the couple will have to pay for You and DH. I live 1hour 30mins away from the maternity hospital that I attended on my two, and i have to say i was all go up until i had them, there is nothing to say that you wont go two weeks late, only time can tell, if you are nervous dont let DH drink and drive home after the dinner when or whenever you want to and send DH to collect the little on on Sunday and you have a rest!!
wifetob Posts: 936
I wouldn't go - mainly because at 38 + 3 I wouldn't want to take the risk. I'm sure your friend will understand.
mrswifey Posts: 775
I would go - assuming you are feeling up to it and in the mood for a bit of a party/day out etc... I wouldn't go if it was more of a guilt thing - ie it is a close friend and you would feel bad if you didn't etc... As someone else said, no point putting your life on hold if it's something you want to do! I am just back from a weekend away (currently 34 + 4). Had great time but found the drive uncomfortable (2.5 hours), so for that reason I prob won't make any long trips any more until after the baby is born. But if it wasn't for that, I would have no problem. Even if you did go into labour, it is highly unlikely that anything would happen so quickly that you couldn't get back to Limerick. Our midwife at antenatal class in the Coomber said you could live ten hours away from the nearest maternity hospital and still more than likely be there well before the baby is born!!!! - yes it happens rarely that some come quickly, but for the majority it is not a quick process. Even if your waters break, it's not like you have to be there asap, yes you do have to go in, but we were told once it is within a couple of hours, it will be grand (unless there's meconium in your waters in which case they want u to come in a bit faster!)
Diamontee Posts: 675
personally, Id only go if I felt 100% up to it!!!! I know we had to go to a friends party a few weeks before dd was due and the journey killed me, even though it was only an hours drive!! I just wasnt comfortable wasnt helped with the Siatica! O:| Your friend would totally understand if you decided not to go!! On the other hand as someone else said, get your DH not to drink and travel home after the meal, if you can handle the car journey!! Best of luck with whatever you decide!! You never know, you could go into labour before the weekend yet!!!! :wv
HMB Posts: 459
I think I would go, unless as another poster said you're not well or are in labour by then. I guess you can only take the next few days as they come but wouldn't you be raging if you didn't go and then the baby didn't come for another week or so?
Mamabelle2011 Posts: 363
If you're feeling well maybe go..all depends, you might really enjoy a day out just before baba comes, a good chance to meet up with friends etc before the madness begins for ye! :) at least you have peace of mind knowing hospital is close. I had a wedding at 35 weeks, again a good friend, I had awful sciatica & just didn't enjoy the day. Went as I felt it was important to my friend, I only saw her or 5 mins on the day, as you do! I'm sure if you're not up to it your friend will be fine. Good luck with new arrival! :lvs
ghostchild2 Posts: 6237
I was at wedding at 36 last time and had a great time. I actually enjoyed it more than one I was at at 17 weeks. We have a wedding at 38 wk 4 days this time. It's BIL though so Im hoping to go. It's an hr and half away also but it would be all motorway. DH will not be allowed drink though. Bit nervous cause I was a week early last time. The best is to see how you feel nearer the time.