Would you mind being called a girl?

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dresstoimpress Posts: 1719
A friend and myself were chatting about this last night, and had very different opinions. I'm 29, and am often called a girl, by people in shops, hairdressers, a guard in the station when I was getting forms signed, my dentist even calls me a good girl when she is doing my teeth!!! :o0 And I really don't mind, I even treat it as a compliment sometimes.... But my friend thinks its really condescending to be referred to as a girl. Now we both agree that its polite to be called a lady by strangers, but she would prefer to be called a woman rather than a girl ,eg." the woman over there,, rather than "the girl over there". I don't really like being called a woman. I don't know why, I just think it doesn't sound that friendly or something.I'm odd, I know!! So what do you think
Sodapop Posts: 3220
Funnily enough yesterday on the luas I was referred to as a lady and I just thought "gosh I must be getting old"! It was always girl and then suddenly a bunch of teenage girls say "you are blocking that lady's way"... OH was saying that he was on his bike the other day and a guy the same age as him says to his son "move out of that man's way" - OH said it used to be fella now its man! so he's feeling old now too. So call me a girl coz it makes me feel younger!
Snuffy Posts: 1492
Beats being called a boy!
lux Posts: 6270
I was recently called a lady in a shop, and I got the shock of my life! I've always looked young for my age but I guess not any more. I was called a girl a while back, and then the person dealing with said "Oh, you're married, you're not a girl any more so". :-8 Even my mum would say she was going out with "the girls" for a night out.
I much prefer being called a girl .... oh definetly !! I can deal with Lady, but don;t like being called a woman at all. It does make me feel a lot older. Mind you I called somebody else a girl one day and OH said that it was like talking down to someone to refer to them as a "girl". I don't agree with him I'm afraid !!!!!
Anahita Posts: 1161
[quote="Snuffy":24svuxmc]Beats being called a boy![/quote:24svuxmc] :o0 :o0 :o0 Personally I don't mind, my manager is forever saying "good girl" but its more a habit I think, from his daughter. I don't like woman either, I don't know why. It sounds harsh or something, or like they're pointing the finger of blame, THAT woman there!!! LOL Some man called me "Miss" to get my attention and I quite liked it
2ndBaby Posts: 260
Funny you should say that. DH and I were with the ILs last weekend and I must have passed FIL something, and he said 'Good girl'. I noticed it, but it honestly didn't bother me and I was certainly not going to say it. But DH starts on FIL for saying it, saying it's sexist and not on. Now DH didn't say it aggressively but said it in a joking manner (but with serious undertones IYKWIM to get the point across). FIL asked me what I thought about 'good girl' being said about me. I said I didn't mind, but I know some women would mind it, as when you think about it it is quite patronizing to say it to a grown woman. He really didn't get it, until he handed me something, and I said 'Good boy'. His face dropped and he laughed and I think he 'got' it right then. All of that said, it wouldn't bother me too much at all. FIL saying it certainly didn't bother me. However I think the person saying it has a lot to do with whether it would annoy me IYKWIM
Elle Driver Posts: 508
I rather being called a 'girl'. To be honest I feel old if someone calls me a 'woman'. I'm the youngest in my immediate family, and my DH is quite a bit older than me (I've been mistaken for his daughter on occasion :-8 ), so I'm used to being the 'young one' in the family.
Rubix Posts: 692
I like being called a girl. I like it when Im out with the girls and someone will say in a restaurant or shop, "what can I get for you girls?' I like lady when someone doesn't know me. I always refer to a woman as a lady. Don't like being referred to as a woman, as I feel a bit paranoid that I'm looking old.
micls Posts: 1156
I've no idea why but the word woman freaks me out a bit. I just donm't like it as a word, certainly describing me. I'm fine with girl