would you smoke a joint before labour?

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Delish Posts: 4176
Personally I wouldn't as apart from everything else I'ld probably puke.....but apparently women have been known to do it to get through the early stages of labour. Is it any different from the gas and air - tha\t makes you high too! My sister smoked a normal cigarette and had a coffee in an effort to poo as she didn't want to do it on the birthing table. So what's your take on it all?
SuzyC Posts: 335
you do realise that smoking ANYTHING can be harmful to your baby
mamabelle Posts: 1101
I'd be afraid to - incase i forgot to ask for the epidural. Nah seriously I reckon it'd freak me out more than relax me. Having been through labour once - when things kick off i'd want as clear a head as possible. Also it'd be a shame to go through all that pain and have the baby taken by social services before you got it home! :o0
theoracle Posts: 7664
I'd be a puker too. Gas and air did nothing for me except make me dizzy beyond belief. I am kind of doubtful about the effectiveness of it though. I know it would probably take your mind off the pain, but is it not also a muscle relaxant? That would actually prolong labour. A bit like epi so! :o0
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
I've never smoked one before so I don't think labour would be the time to start!
Emme Posts: 4735
I never smoked anything but also would kinda want to have my wits about me in case any major medical decision had to be made.
jill80 Posts: 565
Definitely not, sure smoking of any sort at any stage of pregnancy still passes into baby's air-supply.
Delish Posts: 4176
[quote="SuzyC":3p5evxxm]you do realise that smoking ANYTHING can be harmful to your baby[/quote:3p5evxxm] Of course you silly bint. You do realise that any drugs, even those legal ones that the masses cry out for when having babies can be harmful, however the harm has to be balanced with the benefit.
Dairy Queen Posts: 3707
That is exactly why I aimed for as drug free a birth as possible and why I will again. When I read the pros and cons of pain relief, for me the cons hugely out weighed the pros. Thank the heavens for hypno birthing, can't wait to get listening to my cd's again.
SuzyC Posts: 335
no need for name calling, if you think its ok to ask the question am I not allow give my opinion?