would you use a pram hire service? advice needed!

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heidijo Posts: 21
Just trying to do some market research and need your help. Are you happy with your buggy? If you could turn back time would you have bought it? I am thinking of starting a pram hire service. But before I make the big investment I want to know if anyone would do it. Would you hire a pram/buggy first to see if you liked it? Esp if it was a big investment? Please advise if you honestly would use this service. Thanks ladies! PS am in dublin...
sinead06 Posts: 26
personally i wouldn't Have two children - ten years between them so they both had new buggies. Never considered spending big money on a buggy as they always end up in a stroller at six months anyway. Personally like the idea of a new CLEAN buggy for the babies - or even if they are being used for the next baby I know where they came from. Does that sound awfully snobbish? You cant really test drive the buggy until you have a baby to put in it and personally would want to put my new born in a buggy that "has been around" so to speak.
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
Personally I wouldn't rent one either but I have alway thought that it would be great to have a place where you could buy new or trade in prams/ strollers. Like cars.
sharonstep Posts: 57
hi personally i wouldn't hire a pram either, the reason is that i think a lot of people need travel systems nowadays rather than a buggy and i have been told never to use a car seat given to you by anybody else as if there is even a slight crack in the seat (you may not even notice it) it will not protect baby in the event of an accident so it would be taking a risk to hire one that has been used already. btw we were told this at an open evening run by mothercare.
charli Posts: 5994
don't think i would have either, i bought a very expensive one though for my first baby and like that, she was in a stroller for 120e, mc larens at 6months, but i will keep the other pram in the attic for 2/3 babies. i would use a second-hand one, from someone in my family, and likewise would give them mine, but no i would not hire one sorry - just being honest! Lily is beautiful too btw :)