Would you want to be a bridesmaid?

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summer09 Posts: 807
Hello, Would you have wanted to be a bridesmaid 7 weeks after the birth? O:o)
Ducky Posts: 2506
Nope. I went to a wedding 7 weeks after and that was hard enough as it was first time leaving babs for so long (she wan't invited) I don't think I would have been any use to an excited bride on no sleep, still bloated and baby obsessed.
chicam Posts: 1169
Nope I wouldn't want to be doin anything so high-profile 7 weeks after giving birth and I haven't even given birth yet! But everyone's different I guess!
kala Posts: 1937
me neither- wouldn't be a bit interested. i found it hard going out for the first time last friday night to a friends 30th birthday party and baby was just the bare 7 weeks old and that was only for 3 hrs- couldn't wait to get home, and as the other girls said with the bloating and the bleeding and feeling so out of shape you wouldn't be in the right frame of mind.
mama2E Posts: 670
I defo wouldn't want to be bridesmaid - BUT then it would depend who the bride was. IE: if it was a sister - I wouldn't mind as she'd probably be more understanding and know what I was going through. But if it was a friend I wouldn't want the stress of it so soon after birth. I don't think it would be fair to bride or bridesmaid!
deem Posts: 710
I think it would very much depend on the bride, the bridesmaid, and the birth. I know we had baby's christening 6 weeks after birth and I loved every minute of it, even the drinking, that I hadn't done for 9 months, bf for first four weeks, well two and expressed for another two. Birth was natural with few stitches and little or no bleeding. I feel really that if you are asking the question, the situation has come and gone and this person is miffed at not being asked. If they had not been pg and you would have asked them, then possibly apologise, but you could explain it would not just have been about the bit after the birth, the planning for the wedding would have been difficult too, for both of you, or the bride and the bm..Stressed bride 8 weeks before wedding and stressed mother to be a week before due date. recipe for disaster.
Dootsay Posts: 958
No, definitely not - it took me at least 12 weeks or more to feel halfway normal. I managed to go to a wedding at 12 weeks and I felt huge and didn't enjoy leaving LO at all.
maylife Posts: 23
summer09 im due to be bridesmaid 8-6 weeks roughly (who knows when babs will make its appearance) before im due to be bridesmaid, and i wouldnt miss it for the world, that someone is very close to me and it means alot. ive more or less made plans where said child is to be on the day and that means not at the evening do, but it will be at a relatives nearby. i fully plan to enjoy the day, well thats the idea anyway, but im sure ill soon find out. figure wise, i plan to breast feed till i drop, walk my legs off and wear the biggest hold in knickers money can buy :o0 honestly as the last poster said it really depends on all the people involved, if you dont want a pregnant bm that speak to who ever that person is exlplaint fears, reasons whatever and see how you both feel.. dont forget it is your day afterall :o)ll
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Let's see... bloating, bleeding, mummy tummy, baby weight, sleep deprivation, leaky boobs... Nope, I don't think I'd fancy squeezing into a BM dress with all that going on! :o0
alton Posts: 3077
The thoughts of it make me shudder! There is so much for the bridesmaid to do in the weeks coming up to the wedding, never mind on the day. I'd prefer not to. I'd be really touched to be asked to be a bridesmaid though, even if I couldn't accept the responsibility.