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circus123 Posts: 379
going to a wedding next month and was thinking of getting a wrap / shrug made for my dress as i'd like it with one colour one side, and a different colour on the other. don't think i'll be able to just buy this in a shop. do you know could i just buy material somewhere and then get someone to make it?? :-8
purdy Posts: 199
where abouts are u? there are a load of fabric shops in dublin, that will post stuff out to u but u'd have to see the stuff first....i got alot of my fabric for dresses etc in fabric select on parnell street.
MrsGPants Posts: 835
I was going to a Ball once and my mam made me a wrap to match the dress i bought. I bought satin fabric in a fabric shop and my mam basically just sewed two straight rectangular pieces of fabric together. I had white 1 side and black the other side. (she is a dab-hand at making stuff though)
circus123 Posts: 379
thanks a mill for that ladies. purdy i am in dublin so i'll check out that shop. just really wanted to if it was soemthing could be done or not, xmas10bride which i was as talented as your mum - i can't even thread a needle!!!!