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cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
i just noticed that i spelled one of my bm's second name wrong on our ryanair flights? what'll i do? will they even notice?
Betsy May Posts: 2168
How wrong? If it's just a letter they may not notice but remember if they do notice there may be problems. If they decide to stick to the letter of the law and make the ticket name match the name on their ID, they may not let her board. I don't know if they let name changes with a fee or make you buy a whole new ticket - if it's the latter you want to do it sooner than later or they will charge you the earth to buy a new ticket. I think if it's your wedding flight, I would play it safe and call them asap.
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
its just one letter-i put one 'n' and there should be 2...its my hen weekend, i might give them a call 2m thanks x
emma_b Posts: 234
Hi I bought tickets last year for somebody and did the same thing - misspelt first name. I called them up and explained and they changed it without any hassle and no mention of charge (unbeleivable for Ryanair - I know)! You shouldn't have any problems.
dissy bride Posts: 65
Leave nothing to chance with Ryan Air, they are fine once everything is in order but once you contact them in advance usually they are ok.
Mrs080808 Posts: 1569
I spelt a name wrong on ryanair tickets when booking h2bs stag. Treacy instead of Tracey (surname) i thought they would make me pay for the name change but when i rang they changed it there and then for free and sent a new email confirmation. I was afraid of him taking the chance and getting stopped at the airport and it would be my fault.
serenity Posts: 3675
Oh god, You girls have me worried now... I am going on my hens tomorrow to Edinburgh... I booked my sisters tickets... Put her name down as Liz instead of Elizabeth which is on her passport :eek :eek Do you think they will stop her?!?!? She will kill me!!!! :-8
wannababba Posts: 1161
FAO serenity, Unless it has on her passport also known as Liz I would say you'll have a problem, it is really down to the descretion of the check in staff and you could get someone in a really bad mood, Id give Ryanair a call to check it our with them. as a rule most airlines allow upto 3 letters wrong in a name as long as it doesnt change the pronunciation (sp) of the name without the need to re-issue or charge any penalty. any name that needs to be completley changed requires a new ticket and unfortunatley this occurs the charge. I hope you all get sorted and enjoy your hens!!!!!!!!
serenity Posts: 3675
Glitterprincess, On your advice, I called them and they said the same thing... it's at the discretion of the check in girl, but if she refuses, my sis has to pay €70 for name change :eek :eek :eek God, what to do... Maybe I will give it a go and if worst comes to the worst, we can pay at check in - hopefully we will get somebody in a nice mood.. I am such a fooking idiot as I should have known, but we NEVER call her Eilzabeth...
rash2405 Posts: 292
Hi I wouldn't recommend saying anything beforehand. I deal with Ryanair a lot and they are the worst to deal with, if it is only one letter missing I would go and see if they notice at check in, they probably wont because there will be a group of u checking in together and they will prob just glance at the photo id. If they do notice just act dumb.