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SparklyC Posts: 1766
it wont let me post this in relationships it keeps bouncing me out of it for whatever reason.... Has anyone had any marriage counselling ? Relate or anything like that ? Things are really strained between me and Hubby and i think we need some outside help. Was going to go anon as have friends on here that are FB friends but please dont say anything on my wall or anything like that..... thanks girls am at the end of my tether.... :o(
SandyClaws Posts: 3108
have you tried accord? i know theyre a catholic organisation but as far as i know you dont have to be religious or anything to speak with them, im sorry things are tough at the moment, hopefully this will help xx
randomusername Posts: 2134
Had some after we had mc's because we kinda lost touch with how to communicate after a couple of really horrific years. We had 7 sessions and while I didn't like our counsellor it certainly helped us. It was an opportunity to speak openly for both of us and say everything that needed to be said without worrying that it'd come back at a later date. We also went for dinner or a drink before or after each session so we got our "dating" life back. Accord are supposed to be great so give them a call
chrystal Posts: 863
Mrs TA, I have no personal experience of Accord or Relate but just want to compliment you on being proactive and trying to get things sorted in your marriage. I wish you well with it and hope that it all works out for you. :action32
jamjars Posts: 1721
We did our PM course with Avalon (basically Accord without the religion)... very relaxed, and I enjoyed it (as much as you can!) People asked was it helpful at all and I felt that whilst I didn't think I overly benefitted from it currently if we were ever having trouble in the future it was definitely something to go back to! They talk a lot about how to argue proactively etc, listening to each other- all that kind of stuff! Here's the website http://www.avalonrc.ie/ Good Luck :action32
Ali2010 Posts: 347
We did our pre marriage course with Access Counselling and it was a relationship counsellor that ran it. Because it was only us and one other couple it felt like a counselling session and not to sound too soppy, but gave us some really good tools for communicating and stuff. They're based in Crumlin, and would reccommend it. Hope you sort things out x
zoesmama Posts: 2774
Don't have any experience of counselling but just wanted to give you a hug :action31 and hope things get better for both of you. I know you are in the UK so don't thin Accord would work. Is there an equivalent there ? I know Accord are v good here and also financially you just contribute what you can afford so it;s good that way too.
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Mrs TA I went to ACCORD after having DD, not with DH just myself. I wasn't married in a church so it wasn't in any way religious I had about 6 sessions and they totally changed my life, we also make sure we have "date" nights or early nights which helped a lot. Hope you and DH sort things out :xxx
zoesmama Posts: 2774
Defo second the "Date Night" plan. We have done this since DS was born and honestly but for it we prob would not be talking to each other right now. So once a week I cook (as i am a sahm) a proper 3 course meal for us, eat in the dining room, no tv for entire night, fire lit (in winter), candles, music on, outdoors in summer, I make an effort to look nice etc. And we really talk to each other. as the other nights of the week usually descend into chaos I really look forward to this night. DH took a bit of persuading at the start ("sure aren't we grand etc") but it has really worked for us.
alwayshoping Posts: 409
tbh hun after all ye have been through its hardly surprising that things are hard. sometimes we just plow through the mess and hurt that is infertility and dont stop to think about our relationship and life. we have done counselling just with a private counsellor and i have to say it was the best thing we did just brought us so close together and worked through a lot. pm me any time hun you need to :xxx
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