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SuziQ Posts: 428
Hay guys, My head is really up my ass at the mo. Im out of work and stressing like mad about getting work and other stuff but on top of that Im trying to lose weight (I really thought Id be at my goal now with so much time on my hands but Ive become a LAZY git) im finding it soooo hard and feel like im going BACKWARDS...... I used to do weight watchers but it got stagnant and I was going nowhere so left and said Id do it myself. I joined a gym 3 weeks ago and weighed in at 13stone (Im 5ft 6" so thats OVERWEIGHT) and I was a 16 in clothes. I have been eating really well (until this weekend :(:( 2 parties in 1 wkend :(:() Last week I bought a pair of size 14 jeans in pennys and they FIT (Im convinced they are mixed up sizes or something) my fiance is saying you can see Ive lost weight on my hips (And I think it too sometimes) BUT I just weighed myself and Im 13.3 :o( :o( I thought Id be really motivated with wanting to fit into my dress and all but Im not. Ive just made my H2B promise he'll drag me out of bed with him in the morn and Im going the gym... Anyone else having the same trouble?? Sorry for the long rant but need to moan about my lack of weight lose as h2b doesn understand he just says well how is that when your eating so well... Thats why Im moaning cos I duno either :(:( But Ive got a plan... Stop being a lazy git and staying in bed all day GET UP EARLY. Try got the gym (even if its just aqua aerobics at LEAST 4 times a week STOP eating junk DO WW points And come back to this thread and update you's so you can KILL me if I dont keep it up... DEADLINE for 7lbs lost is 30 Sept.... ok pray for me.... :wv
msbelle Posts: 726
sorry to hear your feeling like this, my only suggestion is to get back to ww class and stay to your meeting? :-8 i know for me i cannot loose weight alone and if i think i have to answer to my ww leader every week it keeps me more in check! i thought i had a bad week last week but i had 2 off last night! happy days! best of luck whatever you do! :lvs
scotswedding Posts: 2829
I agree with ceecee. I think if you're finding it a bit tough going it alone that the WW classes are one of the best ways to get back on track. You found things were going stagnant before but perhaps going back after a short break will revitalize you. I had a good few weeks where I was staying mostly the same or up slightly. I knew it was my own fault. I was having a few good days in the week but wasn't doing enough activity and too many treats. After having a couple of gains in a row I knew I had to go back to basics and had a really strict week with WW pointing, weighing food and exercise and was down 3.5. Again, since that I've not been [i:2ua5uyyr]as[/i:2ua5uyyr] good but the point is I know if I stick to things and am honest with myself about what I am and amn't doing right, I have good weeks. Don't base your loss on clothes sizes or fitting unless they are old ones that you haven't fitted in to for a while. They're the best gauge. And accept your H2B's compliments! He is seeing you are doing well and can see a difference in you. Often those around us can see it before we can. Just keep at it and keep telling yourself that you can do it. Whilst a push in the right direction is helpful and we all need encouragement and motivation you have to rely on yourself and know that you want to do it and [b:2ua5uyyr]can[/b:2ua5uyyr]!! Good luck! :wv
SuziQ Posts: 428
Thanks for the posts.... I gave up ww saying that the money I was spending on each class I could save and join a gym my membership is 47 pm wereas ww was costing me 40 a month so I think the gym was a better Idea!! I starting pointing this morning and and hope to stick to it for the week to prove to myself i CAN do it and hope to keep it up... Until I get a job joining a ww class will have to wait!! When I left ww I bought a digital scales so Im weighing myself everymonday and Im gona do up a chart this evening and put it in my room where I can see it....
SuziQ Posts: 428
Ok Im gona update this every monday from now on as Ive decided that will be my weigh in date.... My uncle died 2 weeks ago so there was alot of drinking that week and No gym or exercise of any kind then I was sick last week and couldnt go to the gym so Im now UP in weigh and a miserable 13stone 7lbs :o( :o( So instead of moaning I got up at 7 with my fiance and was in the gym by 8.30 stayed doing cardio and weights until 10.30 then went for a short walk (half n hour) with my mate. Going to the gym again at 8.30 and gona walk up to the hell fire club at lunch time and will be joining a belly dancing class tomorrow evening!!! Im hoping that this is my time and I will be a BIG LOSER this time next week.....
stargal Posts: 462
Fair play to you SuzyQ, it's really hard to get the motivation going first thing in the morning but the feeling of leaving the gym after a good workout is sooooooo good!! In addition to your weekly weigh in, you should try measuring yourself - since you will be spending a good amount of time on weights you might notice the inches coming off you more so with the measuring tape. Do it every fortnight or once a month to get the best results. It works for me and also keeps me motivated when the scales show no difference :o)ll Keep up the good work!!
SuziQ Posts: 428
I got a measuring tape the other day so Ill take ur advice. I was measured when I joined the gym but dreading getting the assessment on thurs after the past 2 weeks madness but hoping this week will sort me out..... Anyway Thanks for the kind words and Ill keep yas updated....