Wud u buy ur dress on ebay?????

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Port Princess Posts: 1154
Hi All, Just a quick poll! I've found the dress I want in a bridal shop here it's Eur1500 but they're selling it on ebay for $500! Has anyone bought their dress on ebay and is it the REAL thing????? I've never bought ANYTHING on ebay before as I've always been a bit sceptical that you'll get ripped off!!! I'd love to hear from you all!!!
icebaby Posts: 846
It depends on the seller - make sure they have excellent feedback and read the description carefully to make sure it's an original. As far as I know if you pay using Paypal you're covered if anything goes wrong http://pages.ebay.com/paypal/buyer/protection.html
mad woman Posts: 22106
lucky bought hers on ebay and so did someone else, its was only posted about a week ago..
Port Princess Posts: 1154
thanks, i didn't see her post I'll go back and try and find it!!!! Laura
Psycho Sue Posts: 1875
Couldn't bring myself to do it, not because I'm a snob or anything, I just wouldn't take the risk of something being wrong with it when I got it! :| :? Then you'd be in a right owl fix!!
Mrs Snove Posts: 1611
I've bought a few bits on ebay and never had a problem. Just make sure the seller has a good record. If you've tried in on in the shop I wouldn't see a problem with buying it on the internet, esp if you're saving that amount of money.
Fiona13 Posts: 1366
Ye ive bought a few things from ebay just rad the feedback make sure that there is no bad feedback & maybe email the seller & ask her a few questions about the item you are looking to buy..
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
yeah i read that post last week about one of the girls getting her dress in ebay and she said it was perfect just like the picture and only cost 10e to buy 75 all in for p&p. i looked myself and saw a couple of dresses similar to those i tried on and for about 33e as they are made in china. i would risk it to get thedfress of my dreams
ChloeOct06 Posts: 1466
you take your chances with ebay i have had so winners and lost money too H2B's bro bought a car off ebay! and sold his car on ebay i always only go for something i know i'll be ok with if i lose the money
shoegal Posts: 323
i've bought loads on ebay, but i think i'd be too nervous to buy my wedding dress there. Anything else yes but my dress...........