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Gabby Posts: 2873
Hi all have been in an awful rut lately on ww and am eating the same things all of the time and am so sick of them nowe. I need ideas of new dinners to eat so can anyone out there help me? I have exhausted the chicken and prawn stir fry thing so need anything but them thanks
The Stig Posts: 106
Stiggy xx
charlotteyork Posts: 1275
Hi Gabby, I feel your pain! The old chicken stirfry can only take you so far!My latest favourite is my take on wedges and pizza. The WW lady that I used to go to told us that 8 baby potatoes is approx. 3 points, so I chop these up, spray them with that LowCal spray, toss them in a bag and chuck in some chilli flakes (99c in tesco), salt and pepper and shake them around. Empty them onto a baking tray and stick em in the oven for 20 min or so. They are DIVINE! Then for your "pizza", I chop up peppers, onions, mushrooms, etc and put them on a slice of brown bread (1 point) and put a slice of LowLow cheese on top (1.5 points) and stick in the oven for a couple of minutes to allow the cheese to melt. Ok, so its not Dominos, but you feel can eat it and still feel positively saintly O:o). I also stand by grilled mushrooms, tomatoes and onions, a poached egg and a small tin of beans to fill you up, not out! Oh and I find homemade veggie soups great if you have the time to make them. Especially if you throw in some soup mix to bulk it out. Of course as I'm typing this I'm drinking a cup of tea and munching on a choc chip cookie :o0
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
How exactly do ye do the chicken stir fry?
Gabby Posts: 2873
hi may08 bride I would just chop up a small breast of chicken, red onion, garlic, mushrooms and whatever else in the fridge and then add some bean sprouts. I buy the Sharwoods noodles and just use about 1/2 of the sheet and thats normally enough for me. I fry the chicken pieces and then throw in the veg for a few minutes. I normally splash in some soy sauce for flavour and it all adds to about five or six points if not less. Its yummy but I am sick to the teeth of eating it. I started using prawns instead of chicken but am sick of them now aswell. Anyway hope I haven;t put you off it. Thanks for the suggestions Aprilbridey and The Stig. I must try and the wedges and I do have the ww cookbook forgot all about it and will have a look for some inspiration
Easy Tiger Posts: 2676
lads, for the stirfries I use the blue dragon pouches of sauce - they're about 2 points for the whole packet & serve 2. Plus they're only about 90 cent each. They're delish!
big day \\\'08! Posts: 482
you could get singapore chow mein 4rm the chinese,around 9 points
NowGone Posts: 8042
some ideas for you.
May 08 Wife Posts: 1642
I made the chicken stir fry last night and it was gorgeous so thanks girls.