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marianf Posts: 5845
It's a bit american but useful all the same....
Anonymous Posts: 24542
Thanks for that marian, very interesting :thnk :thnk
Irish07 Posts: 725
[color=darkblue:3ehv4lkk]Just back from Vegas and had dinner in the Outback Steakhouse which is one of my favourite restaurants in the States --- it's scary to see how many WW points I consumed in one sitting....yikes I better go to the gym tomorrow night once my jet lag subsides![/color:3ehv4lkk]
tlove Posts: 572
Oh my god I love Burger King... I will have to think again before I enter!
maybemama Posts: 243
Sweet suffering mother of God - 14 points for a Mcflurry! I was only dreaming of one of those yesterday :o(
shoegals Posts: 1640
Great site Marianf, thanks for that....scary some points aren't they wow.