WW points for all the goodies over christmas!

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sarakg83 Posts: 347
just thought id post up the points of the goddies over christmas for anyone on WW CHRISTMAS CAKES christmas pudding 100g 5.5pts christmas pudding tesco (each) 6pts WW christmas pudding 90g 3.5pts mr kipling pudd & brandy slice 2.5pts M&S low fat pudding (half) 4pts M&S trad. mince pies 4pts mr kipling mince pies 4.5pts tesco deep filled mince pies 4pts tesco mini mince pies 1.5pts WW mince pies each 2.5pts st bernard mince pies 2.5pts oxford lunch 60g 4.5pts christmas cake 60g 5pts M&S mini christmas cake 4.5pts mini yule log 3pts WW mini yule log each 1.5pts tesco healthy living fruit slice 1.5pts WW frozan farmhouse slice 1pt large muffin 2.5pts carrot cake 1pt mini muffin 0.5pts choc brownie 2pts tea cakes 1.5pts mr kipling french fancies 1.5pts SAVOURY SNACKS manhattan popcorn 35g bag 2.5pts king lites 35g 2.5pts king lites 24g 2pts tayto snax 2pts tayto treble crunch 1.5pts tayto velvet crunch 1pt pringles 200g 22pts!!! pringles 50g 5.5pts hula hoops 2pts walkers lites 24g 1.5pts SWEETS celebrations per sweet 1pt roses per sweet 1pt quality street per sweet 1pt terries choc orange segment 1pt milk tray per sweet 1pt black magic per sweet 1pt thorntons classics per sweet 1pt trorntons continentals 1.5pts ferrero rocher per sweet 1.5pts after eights 3 sweets 1pt terrys york fruits 0.5pts toblerone 100g 12pts toblerone 400g 48pts!!! suger almond 0.5pts SECECTION BOXES curly wurly 2.5pts fudge 2.5pts crunchie 3.5pts time out 4pts chomp 2.5pts dime 3.5pts walnut whip 4.5pts freddo bar 2pts turkish delight 3.5pts toffee chrisp 4.5pts dairy milk bar 5.5pts buttons 3.5pts flake 4pts caramel 6pts dairy milk santa 2.5pts malteasers 3.5pts double decker 4.5pts yorkie chunky 6.5pts milky bar 4pts mars bar 6pts snickers 7pts twix 6.5pts revels 3.5pts galaxy 5 pts BISCUITS choc kimberly 2pts coconut cream 1pt mikado 1pt elite kimberly 2.5pts all butter shortbread finger 2pts DRINK beer, bitter or light ale, half pint, 284ml 1.5pts beer, light or low alcohol, half pint, 284ml 1pt champagne, flute, 125ml 1.5pts cider, dry, half pint, 284ml 1.5pts blumers light, long neck bottle 1.5pts spirits - brandy, gin, rum, vodka, whisky, pub measure, 25ml 1pt wine, light or low alcohol, medium wine glass, 175ml 0.5pts wine, red, rose or white, medium wine glass, 175ml 2pts diet fizzy drinks 0pts i hope this helps you all over the holidays :thnk HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!!!!
laceylegs Posts: 307
That is just depressing.............. those are things to think about in January !
kelsar Posts: 690
OMG 1pt per celebration sweet, thats me f***ed. :o(
charliesangel Posts: 2106
god ill have to go be sick i just ate half that stuff today :-8 :o0
HamletBride Posts: 376
OK I really wanted to be able to eat some treats over Christmas but going by these points I will only be eating carrots. But came up with a plan. Eat as much as I want and then walk my ass off every evening and on the evenings I am having a few drinks I am going to dance my ass off :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 best of both worlds. P.S thanks so much for posting all the points, much appreciated
sugarpuffs Posts: 118
thats some brilliant info sarakg83 thank you
augm2b Posts: 151
Front page of this months WW magazine...will be meee ( starting January) MERRY CHRISTMAS :o)ll :o)ll :lvs
HamletBride Posts: 376
n77 are you really going to be on the ww magazine, is it the english one?????
augm2b Posts: 151
Ah no not really..but the girl on it went from size 18 to 8 in six months..loads of time to do it!!! :o)ll Happy Christmas everyone..eat drink and be merry (January will be here soon enough ) :hic