WW Points - what's the point?

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frecklz Posts: 1839
Just wondering - for all of you who keep asking how many points are in such-and-such a bar of chocolate, or bag of crisps or brand of pasta... ...why are you eating these things at all if you want to lose weight? [img:1mfgq2q8]http://emoticons4u.com/crazy/686.gif[/img:1mfgq2q8]
maybemama Posts: 243
Because we want to eat! The reason I asked for points in a packet of pasta was because I was trying to have my main meal in the middle of the day as opposed to at 7 when I get home. Just because I'm on a diet doesn't mean I can't eat pasta. Wouldn't it be worse if we went around gulping down things WITHOUT knowing how many points were in them? Then we definitely would not loose weight; my understanding of a diet is making good choices based on the calorific/points value of an item.
frecklz Posts: 1839
Ok, I respect that. Not referring to you personally, but over the past months I've noticed "how many points in chocolate" or "how many points in takeaways", and not being a WW myself I was wondering whether a WW diet allows these things. It would seem like a strange diet if it did... No offence. :wv
maybemama Posts: 243
OK, sorry if I came across as blunt myself. Yes, the WW diet is based on how many points you can eat per day, so as long as you don't eat more than that number of points (20 for me) you will loose weight. How you use your points is up to yourself so you can generally fit in a treat most days.
frecklz Posts: 1839
So if you ate a big chocolate cake for breakfast that came to 20 points that would be it for the day? But I'm sure they give you suggestions of how to break it up... And tell you what to steer clear of?
maybemama Posts: 243
Well of course they do, but if you want to be nutso enough to eat all your points in one go thats your own lookout. Its really just being sensible with regards to what you eat, I mean we all know that eating 2 bars of chocolate a day is not conducive to loosing weight. But what I like about WW is that it makes it easier to keep track of what you've eaten. Today I've had porridge for breakfast (3 pts), yoghurt and apple for snack (2pts), small tin of tuna (2pts), tomatoe, cucumber, lettuce (0 points) and 2 slices of mccambridge bread for lunch (3 points) and a mini mars bar with my tea this evening (2 points) so I have 12 points used already today. So, have 8 points left to do me the rest of the day and DH has just rung asking if I want chinese for dinner......
marianf Posts: 5845
[quote="frecklz":2og41vim]So if you ate a big chocolate cake for breakfast that came to 20 points that would be it for the day? [/quote:2og41vim] If you are stupid enough to do that you can still eat later in the day but they would have to be zero point foods like vegetables (not potatoes) and salads. They also give you a recipe for zero point soup. Alternatively if you go over your points in one day, you can use of the next days points and just reduce your intake the next day. Likewise if you have a night out planned you can save up some points from the days before. It is REALLY IMPORTANT that you eat all of your points for the week or else you wont lose weight. I am a WW but I can appreciate how annoying it must be to see all the 'how many points' threads because they even annoy me. People should bring their points calculator with them O:|
frecklz Posts: 1839
I see... Seems very complicated. But it has been proven, so I won't diss it (any further :-8 ).
oharetobe Posts: 367
If I may add in a little also..........as much as WW is a diet I also see it as changing the way you are eating. There's nothing to say that because you are on a "diet" that you can't treat yourself to a little snack here and there. WW allows you to organise your day and other eating habits so that if you want a mars or have a big event coming up you can arrange your eating for then. I find that WW for me has become more of a life style change rather than just a "diet" to lose a bit of weight now. It's something that I can see myself sticking to even after I reach my goal.
chiefbee Posts: 42
WW is the only thing that has ever worked for me, I have lost a stone on it ages ago, but most of it back on, tried to diet myself, I ma just not dedicated without a meting to go to, but i agree the points calculator is brill!!