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redjen Posts: 134
HI All, need some advice, i am a ww member since last yr, i got down to my Target before xmas by slogging it in the gym for 3months...since xmas i am finding it really hard, i dont go to ww that often now but do find myself jumping on the scales alot :eek I play football for Club & County & i'm flat out training 3/4 possibly 5/6 nights a week including matches at the moment :hic the thing is i seem to be putting on weight, my diet is quite good but i do treat myself, my clothes don't feel any tighter & my body does feel tonned-especially my legs-is it possible that i'm weighing heavier because i'm building up muscle???? I asked my ww leader this before & she said no way... however...she told a friend of mine the wk after that this was possible-i'm so confused..can any1 help?? :hic :o( O-O
RainbowBright Posts: 1425
redjen - this is definitely the case for you. Muscle does weigh heavier and with all that training you are doing you are defo building up muscle. Some of the WW leaders are a bit OTT when it comes to loosing weight. Mine leader told me that I am going to find it very hard to lose the weight that I want to lose due to the fact that I have an underactive thyroid. Don't mind her at all - quick to change her story from one week to the next (your friends experience).