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suggles Posts: 186
:wv Just wondering if anyone can help? I have 27 points to use a day on WW but once i have breakfast / lunch i have 16/17 points left over for dinner - is this ok to do? Im actually finding it hard to use all my points (as crazy as that may sound!!) Do i have to use them ALL every day or can i just use what i need? Finding it very hard to get my head around this whole WW thing!!
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
No you dont have to use all your points, leave 5 over Max every day. So aim to eat 22 points. I know its hard to judge and eat all when you start first but you will fall into the hang of it. I found when i started first i was only having 3 for brekkie and mid morn, but really you should include some fruit, yogurts too. Good for you and will save you craving anything else. Are you giving a point each for your sugar and milk? if you take them. Every morn i just add 2 straight away for this.
tiggeriffic Posts: 547
Ya you need to use all your points. YOu can save a few but they have to be eaten wthin the same weigh week. They're calculated to suit your weight etc so try to eat them all. If not, when it comes to dropping points as you lose the weight you'll struggle. Just treat yourself to some high point things(not necessarily junk). Add cheese to your meals, its quite high points. Use full fat milk/cheese/butter etc as these will bump up the points and when you do drop points change to low fat ones. Means you're not cutting out on food and feel like your missing stuff
suggles Posts: 186
Thanks! :thnk I think last week i thought i was doing great and coming home with the 16/17 and saying ah sure i have enough for a chinese etc - i was up 3.5lb last night!! I think ill try to use at least 15 for brekkie / lunch maybe and then the rest on dinner and just not use any bonus points? Do yuo find the points or core plan works best for you?