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babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Not sure where to post this but here goes.... Going to the chinese tomorrow night and I am DREADING it because I've been so good for the last few weeks and have lost almost a stone.... What is good to go for points wise? I was thinking a vegetable chow mein? Anyone have an idea of how many points for this? Or even better, anyone any tips on whats best to go for on a diet??? HELP :-8 :-8 :-8
signorina_matrimonio Posts: 1297
Hey there, I'm doing WW as well so I said I'd pass on some info for you - I have started WW about 4 times if I have started it once so I have old books here :-8 It says to go for boiled rice or noodles, and to try and share the portion with someone 'cos they are usually enormous quantities (well, compared to what we *should* eating on WW). They are saying that a portion of boiled rice is 6.5 compared to egg fried rice at 10. So if you half that you should be doing good. Chicken Chow Mein comes in at 7.5, so the Veggie Chow Mein should be good going. Also, hold off on the nibbling at prawn crackers and maybe if you have a clear soup for starters it would fill you up before mains? Hope that helps SM
Little Boots Posts: 301
Before you go, have some zero point food to take the edge off your appetite. Then stay away from the prawn crackers, or anything that is put out as nibbles. The best is meat sung to start or soup and stir fried or steamed vegetables or steamed fish and boiled rice. Add some soy sauce and you wont feel so deprived. Stay away from nuts and coconut milk too.
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Thanks girlies, thats a great help. I'm fairly dedicated when we go out for a meal - i rarely order starter or dessert, going to the chinese makes it easier to stay clear of dessert anyway cos they're always terrible!!! I think I'll try the vegetable chow mein so cos I don't like rice at all *) I know the portion sizes are huge when it comes to noodles but I might be cheeky and ask them for a half portion and just eat half the half portion if that makes sense!!!
w.w.wonder Posts: 297
congrats on your weight loss so far. Don't forget to drink plenty of water. I try to have a drink and a glass of water and take sips from both, that way not over doing the alcohol either and saving on those points too
nialler Posts: 32
[quote="fishermans_bride":1irb6cmq] Going to the chinese tomorrow night[/quote:1irb6cmq] Which Chinese?
shortie26 Posts: 260
congrats on your weight loss so far +1 fair play to ya fishermans-bride that some going!! O-O Enjoy your chinese you,ve earned it!!
babydust2012 Posts: 4736
Thanks girlies, I'm delighted with the weight loss so far but I'm very hard on myself for breaking the diet so thats why I'm allergic to the chinese tonight!! I don't particularly like chinese but I'm meeting up with my friends and it was their choice!! I'm determind to enjoy my night but not let myself slip for the rest of the weekend. Thanks for the support girls *) *) *)
wah Posts: 1414
singapore chow mein is a good one as well if you find regular chow mein a bit bland
mrspants Posts: 4652
[quote="wah":d0ysyo67]singapore chow mein is a good one as well if you find regular chow mein a bit bland[/quote:d0ysyo67] Oh ya that is lovely - very low in points too. Have a craving now!