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sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
I love this site and so want to place and order - anybody have any ideas on it or purchase before from them. I think their pew's are great and lovely favour boxes at great prices..
sparkles700 Posts: 353
hi sweetcheeks i ordered some stuff from them two weeks ago should be here any day now i cant wait. i can let you know what they're like when they come. i found them really cheap compared to some irish websites and the shipping was only 23euro
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
Hi there, yeah i found them to be the best yet with prices, mine all comes to $150 and then they were charging me another $65 for posting. This was all thru the website, i wasn't speaking to any one. Is there a number to ring, as i have Q's too before i order.
sparkles700 Posts: 353
hey not sure about a number but they a faq page and you can check them out. they also have a live chat section where you can email them and its like msn messenger
rop Posts: 1453
can i ask how you managed to get a quote for the shipping without giving your card details??
Tipp Lass Posts: 67
I ordered stuff from them got them within 10 days of ordering they were beautiful & very reasonalbly priced
sparkles700 Posts: 353
hi pickle i know i couldn't get the price for shipping until i'd nearly gotten to the end of the order. tipp lass 10 days wow thats great mine should be here anyday now
podgeandrodge Posts: 886
hi i ended up ordering two lots of stuff off them all got here within two weeks and i love everything i got very helpful they have an email address where you can contact someone. they reply very fast
sweet cheeks Posts: 1119
I dunno guys i just proceeded to check out and then up came everything before i ahd to put my card no in. I got an e-mail from there on shipping costs and it said to press shipping outside US and then costs come up for lot.. Defo buying today now, all the feedback its great. Thanks girls.. your brilliant. :wv
sparkles700 Posts: 353
oh i'm getting all excited bout seeing my stuff now