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Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
I agree Winter Wedder. She says she'll change and be nice. Then when people start posting on other topics she decides that she's not getting any attention and puts up a post that she knows will get a reaction. Then she says that she will ignore BlushingB but puts an insult onto the end of it that is going to get a reaction. Sad is the only word that I can think of to describe her - sad, sad, sad.
justforfunsies Posts: 2502
[quote:35nlv2pu]Are you singing again?! PMSL! [/quote:35nlv2pu] yeah...badly!! :oops:
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
[quote:3gv77m61]Sad is the only word that I can think of to describe her - sad, sad, sad.[/quote:3gv77m61][/quote] And you posing as me on Peg Bundy's website isn't sad!!! Give me a break
BlushingB Posts: 1634
Come on girls, seriously. She's looking for attention and getting it. She's even posting in serious topics in 'Relationships' looking for reaction. As long as we keep providing he with attention she's going to stick to her tricks. How many different ways do you all have to be asked to just IGNORE HER?
Baby Tigger Posts: 3394
Em hello - what is this shite that you are going on about me posing as you on rate my wedding supplier. Why would anyone be so sad as to pose as someone else on a website - oh silly me I forgot that you tend to make a career out of that don't you sweetie. I am registered on rate my wedding supplier. I am sure that it can all be clarified by the IP address that I am not pretending to be you nor would I want to me. Admit it - you were caught out yesterday- everyone ganged up on you so you now want everyone to think that you are being victimised and that someone else is posing as you to cause trouble. There's only one saddo that I know of that is capable of such a thing and that sweetie is you. Now lay off or I will be the one contacting Fiona about you.
AVENGER Posts: 4595
Oh Mother of God please stop the madness. As Frankie's Avatar says: DON'T FEED THE TROLLS
Esketti Posts: 936
Everyone else lost the rag over the whole Ella May Ella-May thing, I think MS has every right to get on and defend her username too! Jesus the poor woman cant open her mouth without someone jumping down it. I may not be registered that long, but I was long time "viewer" short time "poster" but I really think that a lot of people on this site are Bullys and just give the rest of us brides a bad name, ye are all like raving lunatics bullying and pushing people away. I stupidly thought this was a site to get helpful tips and advice on planning your big day, but unfortunately it seems, that if one person doesnt come across all sweet and sickly sweet they get abused for every comment they make. Not one of you OWNS this site or has any more right over another poster to abuse anyone just cos you have been here longer! Jesus christ, get a grip. Everyone is welcome. All this crap aswell of "oh I'll be careful and wary of newbies" WTF: WARNING TO ALL OTHER NEW BRIDES WHO ARE PLANNING THEIR WEDDINGS, YOUR NOT ALLOWED ON HERE YOUR ONLY ALLOWED HERE IF YOU DISCOVERED THIS SITE BEFORE YOU COULD REGISTER" Cop on. :x Every single one of us has every right to post as much and what we like. Stop singling people out and everyone just get on with enjoying the run up to your big day! :D
Rachel Karen Green Posts: 927
Trying to change the subject here so can someone tell me what does PMSL mean?? Yes I am sad for not knowing!! :oops:
Miss Sunshine Posts: 1128
Here here Mrs KP2B
Esketti Posts: 936
pissing myself laughin Elmo :wink: