X Factor -any idea when it's starting

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michelle06 Posts: 220
Hi girls, Just wondering does anyone know when this years X Factor is starting? Cheers :wv
dolliebird Posts: 84
Yip think your right, 22 August. I'm on my hen... Mill have to make a special stop to watch it!!!
Ditzy Dee Posts: 412
Cant wait for it to start again, I loooooove it. :o)ll
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
sooooooo excited - back to taking turns in the girls houses with a few btls of vino & heading out on the town after. :o)ll
lil miss giggles Posts: 144
yep, 22nd august- day of our wedding! is it bad that im worried about missing the auditions?!! :o0 just kidding-they are the best part though!
michelle06 Posts: 220
Really? It's just I was on the itv website earlier and looked up the progs on aug 22nd and it wasn't there. Thats why I posted the enquiry, I was sure that would be the date for it too. Thanks for replying anyway girls- I just can't wait for it to start either! :wv
Elban26 Posts: 2458
lil miss giggles, I think the auditions are the best part too!!! :o)ll :o)ll :o0 :o0
2010BABY Posts: 96
[quote="Ditzy Dee":fqnf13mt]Cant wait for it to start again, I loooooove it. :o)ll[/quote:fqnf13mt] O-O
ems09 Posts: 318
OOh I cant wait for it either. If it is the 22nd then that is the day after my wedding and I am not heading on HM till 23rd. I think my mam is having a bit of a do in her house for us that night but I will sneak off upstairs and watch it :o0 :o0 :o0 I love it :lvs :lvs
ms organised Posts: 1069
Yep 22nd Aug! Woo Hoo!! :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o)ll :o0