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Aurge Posts: 1456
Drinking Games: 'The X Factor' :wv :wv :wv :wv It's a freezing cold December night, there's nothing on at the movies and everyone's saving their cash because it's nearly Christmas. So what else better could you do with your Saturday evening than crack open a few bottles of red wine/vodka/beer and participate in Digital Spy's X Factor drinking game! Feel free to play along, but don't blame us if there's any sore heads come Sunday. Rule One - Knock back a shot of your favourite tipple every time you see a granny in the audience wearing a cheap T-shirt with a contestant's face plastered on the front. Rule Two - Chug some beer each time Dermot or Simon claims it's the "toughest week yet" or "closest competition ever". Rule Three - Knock back some vodka on each occasion Louis Walsh wobbles his head like the Churchill dog and tells a contestant: "You...should...be...in...the final!" Rule Four - Knock back even more if any judge utters the words "sack your mentor" or "the song was too big for you". Rule Five - Have two drinks when Simon makes a suggestive comment about Ruth Lorenzo's dress, boobs or what she's doing with the microphone. Rule Six - Take a sip whenever you see Diana Vickers doing her 'wavy hands' dance. Rule Seven - Drink once for every reference to Eoghan Quigg being "cute" and having "Irish charm". Rule Eight - Have two shots for every contestant that discusses their "journey" or whenever any of them says: "If I don't up my game this week, I could be going home!" Rule Nine - Make yourself a tasty cocktail whenever Simon or Dermot make an unsubtle comment about Louis's sexuality. Rule Ten - Help yourself to a large rum and coke if Cheryl breaks into tears during the final showdown. Rule Eleven - Wash it down with a whiskey chaser if Simon teases: "I didn't like it.... I loved it!" Rule Twelve - Down your entire drinks selection if Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue at any point dare to crack a smile or share a conversation with each other.
lil kim Posts: 436
I like it!!! Pity i didnt know about this game when this series started :hic
gottabfp Posts: 5641
:o0 :o0 :o0 :o0 i know what il be playing saturday night
sillymoo Posts: 337
oooh ill be playing this!!
kaci Posts: 160
Cool, I'll have to save this for the xfactor final party I'm going to :o)ll :o)ll