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squeakymouse Posts: 17
crazycatlady15 Posts: 149
I think it's a lovely idea. It's a real finishing touch. These are nice but a bit basic - I think they just need a little bit more decoration (given the day that's in it). My sis made her own but is creative anyway; I wouldn't have the patience. They were gorgeous. She sprayed them, included some vintage lace, had sparkly lettering. Just let your imagination run a little bit. You could work some ribbon in to match bridesmaids colours, pearls or sequins depending what's in the bride's dress, look into different ways of doing the writing... Obviously if you're spraying, just make sure that the paint is watertight against clothing and won't flake or stain. You might need to invest in a few bits to start with. A glue gun is always handy for things like that. I do some floristry in my spare time and I use it every time I do bridal work for ribbons etc. You'll always see things that you'll pick up too - I have a drawer at home in the room where I work that's full of bits and pieces that I've seen at random times, and they always come in handy. Good luck and have fun! xx
MissyM67 Posts: 337
Hi to be honest I don't know anyone who bothered with wedding hangars. There's so much expense for everything it just seemed like an unnecessary extra. If I was to give some advice I would say focus on the signs. They're used so much more these days. Good luck!
20thMay2017 Posts: 153
My sister had then and hers where lovely, she made them herself. I think if the hangers were white with black writing and the writing was more like italics and less formal they would look better and as another poster said with some ribbon or pearls on them they would look fab.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
It's not something I'd buy, I did them myself for my wedding, but brides less crafty might want to buy them. Those are a little basic perhaps - maybe a different font? I'd definitely add in a ribbon of the wedding colour on the bride's and a white/ivory ribbon on the bridesmaid's hangers. Could he experiment and maybe try doing the wire hangers? People would definitely pay more for those.
Auburn Posts: 66
I would buy hangers at the right price, I'd need 3 for bridesmaids and one for myself and probably wouldn't Spend more than 8 - 10 euros on them. Agree with previous poster, I think the ones he did could use a little more added to them. Personally I'd just like them to look like they have a nice material in them and then maybe bride or bridesmaid in them, I wouldn't be into sparkles on them and would just like them simple. I'd say there's definitely a market for signs, I even wante since white block type thug of mr and Mrs and couldn't find them anywhere. I think there's also a market for nice light dressing robes at the right price. There's loads of them that are big heavy white fluffy things. I think if they were light more silky ones, had pretty colours and were the rift price more people would invest.
ThatGeekBride Posts: 122
I'd agree with the advice above, as an example this link popped up in my facebook yesterday: https://jazzycreationz.com/products/bri ... -week-only that's the kind of competition your husband would be facing if he wanted to make some money out of it. Best of luck!