xbox and children?

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Princess09 Posts: 821
What age can children start using an xbox? I'm guessing 4 yrs+?
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
I wouldn't like a 4 year old playing an xbox! Time enough for them to be glued to computer games.
Lizzie02 Posts: 2624
I would have thought about 9/10 years but I have no idea really. Like other poster, I wouldn't like to see a 4 year old stuck to an Xbox.
Princess09 Posts: 821
looked up childrens games, they start from 7. Don't worry I don't have a four yr old, as you can prob tell!! Haha We have an xbox that has,not been used since last Christmas though, hubby not keen to sell, thinks our son will enjoy it someday, now we didn't discuss ages, our son is ten mths old, I was trying to figure out age children can ideally use, to say well well be waiting X yrs! I randomly said four without thinking, sure I don't want ds watching any/very much TV till he's 2, considering that I def wouldn't want him stuck in computer games at 4!!
mrs mammy Posts: 1487
My friend just got her son a game for their playstation, toy story I think. He just turned 3 the other day!
bobby2012 Posts: 644
I personally think 4 is far too young. When they get into their teen years, they can burn their brain in ront of the telly if I can't help it, but until then I'd rather my kids did other things. Up to the individual parent though. My friend has a son the same age as mine and the telly is never off in their house, even when he visits he always asks to watch cartoons. Mine gets a film once a week or not even; he barely even asks for it because he didn't grow used to it, so he amuses himself with other things like puzzles, cars, art, whatever.
lorraine78 Posts: 988
I had my first game console when i was 3,and i loved it,and it never did me any harm playing it! I still love my gaming now,but dont play as much as i used to. If i had kids i'd definitely buy them a console,maybe Nintendo,as its geared more towards children anyway.There's lots of educational games and fun games to play as a family.Dont see why people say they wouldn't buy their kids one,as long as its controlled how long they play it,its no big deal.