Xmas decorations as favours....in november?

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Shoelover Posts: 473
hi wollies, do ye think giving xmas decorations as favours on 11th november is too early?? i personally hate early early xmas stuff....and not that big a fan of favours either :-8 . but i wouldn't mind giving something nice that could be used. they arn't big santas sitting on the tables or anything.....i just saw these lovely heart xmas decorations in next and thought they'd be cute. they are made of tin and kind of a distressed vintagey cream colour with an indented design on them.......but i dunno is it just way to early then?? would appreciate opinions! :-8 edited to include link http://cgi.ebay.ie/Gisela-Graham-Christ ... 2303de69b0 something like these
Muriel09 Posts: 361
I think it's a lovely idea and the decorations sound lovely *)
Kingston Design Posts: 895
Lovely idea!
nutcake Posts: 1168
that sounds like a favour i would actualy keep >:o) lovely idea
Shoelover Posts: 473
oh good! im glad ye like the idea. only thing is i doubt ill be able to get as many as i need from next. but i was just looking online there and there seems to be a selection in other places so i might have a look around and on ebay etc. i could always mix them if i pick up nice ones from various shops. the heart brings in the love/marraige thing so i really liked it
misssaucie Posts: 258
Hi Shoelover I'm so sorry but I'm going to be brutally honest and say in my personal opinion that Christmas Dec's in early November is a little early :-8 If it was 11th December definitely, hope you are not offended and that you find the perfect favour x
Shoelover Posts: 473
im not offended at all girly don't worry! *)
adorabelle Posts: 880
I dont think its too early and think its a lovely idea, I'd much prefer this to a packet of sweets or bookmark.... I'd say go for it!!!
nutcake Posts: 1168
maybe you should do a poll?
Lizy09 Posts: 482
I'm getting married end of Nov next year and i think even then is too early to give xmas decorations as favours - sorry but again everyone to their own