xmas presents for friends?

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buffster Posts: 251
Hey all! Was reading on another thread about a group of friends giving each other an xmas tree decoration each year and was trying to think of other ideas of small presents that a group of girls could give each other as a gift each year (to keep costs down and make a nice tradition of it). Any ideas?
lovebug997 Posts: 4034
How about all getting a charm bracelet or one of the Pandora ones? Then you could get a charm each year?
Sassy1 Posts: 446
I have a quiet wide circle of friends and it was getting a bit hard to buy presents for everyone so we decided to stop it all and now we ALL meet for a meal and drinks a few weeks before Christmas and that is our present to each other to actually get us ALL together as some have moved to other counties so its always hard organising a get-to-gether and have to say LOVE it
buffster Posts: 251
thanks bride to be we actually all got charm bracelets for our 30th birthdays and buying each other a charm is a great idea. Also love the idea of spending the extra cash on a meal and drinks Sassy, we're all normally reluctant to splash out on a meal with all the other costs at xmas but to spend proper time together would be great. Thanks for the replies x